Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Our festive weekend, a few days late!

It's totally normal to blog about your weekend by the middle of the work week, right? Okay good. Because that's absolutely what's happening here today. Caleb and I have been staying up too late tweaking our website and its so so so close to being complete, I can hardly stand it!

Last weekend was amazing. So much fun with friends and family! Friday evening was Caleb's company party.  The first half of it was a little bit of a hot mess (we're talking loud emcees annoyingly screaming over a mic for 2 and a half hours trying to be funny while simultaneously performing a "murder mystery dinner" for 500+ people...yikes!), but once dinner ended a few hours later, we had a really great time!

Saturday morning was my family holiday baking day! 3 years ago we decided to start this, and I love that the tradition has carried on! My sister in law, Erin, always comes too! My grandma looks at her like another grandchild, and my aunt looks at her like a friend. I love that I have so many awesome women in my lives! We got started in the morning and stayed in her kitchen for HOURS baking up the most delicious treats.

yay for salted caramel mocha fudge and sisters!
After I fell into a sugar coma, I got ready for MY company holiday party! Caleb and I always look forward to it every year because the food is seriously incredible and the atmosphere is pretty fancy, which isn't our "normal".
Caleb always struggles with the flash ;) but he's still cute.
Sunday was fast paced; full of church, a family photo shoot, a Bengals win and then ANOTHER HOLIDAY PARTY! The photography company Caleb and I worked for (and still do somewhat, we have some weddings through next Fall still) had us and everyone else over for a quaint get together. Their house is adorable. I took some photos, but of course, haven't uploaded them yet - but that's life! All that matters is we're so incredibly blessed to call Joe and Amanda friends and are so thankful for the opportunities we've been given through them. We love you guys!

I hope everyone has had a great week, and happy hump day!


  1. Aw, holiday baking is my absolute favorite! I get to do that with my Mom and boys tomorrow and I'm SO excited! Of course I love the baking, but the conversation is the best part! So sweet that you have all those wonderful ladies in your life! :)

  2. Yum! I wish I had a bigger kitchen to do this in. None of my family really does this and I'd love to host but our kitchen in our apartment is barely big enough for two people haha. Hopefully in the next year or two this is something I'll get to enjoy too!

  3. Those cookies look amazing! You guys are the cutest!

  4. I can't believe you guys were able to squeeze ALL of that into one weekend- whew!! :) Glad you had so many places and reasons to celebrate and thanks again for including me in baking day.

  5. What a fun & busy weekend!! All of those desserts look amazing. Especially the salted caramel & chocolate ones.

  6. what do you do with all those baked goods afterwards?!!! Can I put in a request for some to be shipped to me?! :DDD

  7. A holiday baking party?? Sounds like fun (and super yummy!) Glad you guys had such a nice weekend!

  8. I always blog about my weekends in the middle of week, so totally normal lol!

  9. Every year I tell myself I am going to start a baking day with the ladies in my family like y'all do every year and every year I forget to plan it or make time for sad! Y'all's looks like so much fun, as always!! So glad y'all had a great time!!!!!


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