Thursday, December 15, 2016

December {to do}

I'm going to be 100% honest, this December hasn't felt quite like December for me. Other than last weekend, we haven't done much of anything very festive. We're having to, for the first time in years, skip out on our annual tradition of the free Christmas play we always go see, we haven't wrapped any presents for each other, and haven't watched a single Christmas movie. What is going on!?!
2015 Christmas season
I was kind of bummed out about it this morning, sulking in my own sadness, texting Caleb "why aren't we more festive people this year?!!"...then I realized, there are still ELEVEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Then seeing how we don't even take our tree down until after the New Year, we still have plenty of time. So I decided to make myself a little mini December bucket list of festiveness (that's a thing, right!?);

Watch Elf. I've asked Caleb to watch this 3 times already, and he kept saying "but its not snowing"... SO!? But now that we've had a fair share of snow this week, I think its time to pop it in!

Buy Christmas pajamas. I've seriously never owned a legit pair of Christmas PJ's in my life. I always just open presents wearing whatever I wore to bed that night before, so I'd like to have on a cute pair of PJ's this year!

Make something for Christmas brunch. Every year we go to my Grandparents for brunch after we're all done doing our own Christmas morning, and she slaves away for HOURS making stuff, so I'd like to contribute something this year.

Go caroling. Because ITS FUN!

Give an anonymous gift to someone in need. Enough said.

Do one Christmas-y thing outside of the house. Like I said above, unfortunately we're missing the free Christmas play this year we always go to, so I still want to get out and date my man. I'll be honest, we haven't "dated" much lately. Although this is our slow season from weddings, we have been catching up on edits and working tirelessly on our website. So I'd like to do something local, either the Christmas Light Show that you drive through, the Festival of Lights at the Zoo, or another local play, I just want to do something fun!

Make this cocoa in the crock pot. I mean, because why not?

What's on your December list of things to do? I'd love to add something else! Have a great day, friends!


  1. Good luck with your list! I know you'll rock it. If you do end up making the crock pot hot chocolate you'll have to let me know how it is! I have a recipe too but I haven't made it yet.

  2. I'm weird about waiting to watch Christmas movies until it "feels like Christmas". I started watching Elf the other day and then decided the timing wasn't right so I turned it off 20 minutes in. Christmas brunch sounds like a really sweet tradition! :)

  3. We try to buy matching or complimentary jammies every year to wear on Christmas Eve but they're not usually Christmas jammies. This year Mav was gifted a really adorable pair of holiday jammies so now I'm trying to find some for us that go with them! It's always a fun little challenge :)

  4. Cocoa in a crockpot?! Why have I not thought of this before!? YAY for 11 fun filled days to celebrate the season with your main squeeze.

  5. I just pinned the crock pot cocoa. We have been drinking hot chocolate every day because Aiden is obsessed, but I have been using the packets. I'm definitely trying this! And there's just something about Christmas jammies!

  6. What play do you usually go see? And this might be so old lady of me...but I LOVE the top/bottom set flannel pjs that Victoria's Secret has. So cozy and Christmasy and cute. :)

  7. I actually thought about caroling the other day but more so along the lines that people nowadays just can't do it door to door like they use to because of all the unsettledness in the world. I remember going with the girls scouts or youth group and it would be such a fun time. Try to have some christmas fun, we too are going to try to squeeze stuff in.

  8. You definitely still have plenty of time for all the festive fun! Yay for Christmas pajamas, and cocoa in the crock pot? YUM <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. I have never ever been caroling but want to go so badly. The weather always prevents me really trying to make it happen because I don't do cold.

  10. What a fun list!!!! I feel like we haven't done anything Christmas-y outside of our house this year either but I am hoping we change that this week! I LOVE the movie Elf and seriously laugh through the whole thing every time I watch it! Hope y'all have so much fun checking things off your fun list! :)

  11. Hope you guys got around to watching Elf!! :) I feel like we end up watching it at least twice during this time of year haha. We always went caroling when I was in youth group, we'd go to nursing homes and it was always such a great feeling seeing their faces light up. I'm sure you guys made some peoples days!!

  12. Watching Elf always puts me RIGHT in the Christmas mood!


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