Friday, August 19, 2016


August is my favorite month of the year. It's the month of my birthday, its the same month Caleb asked me to be his girlfriend, and years later its the same month that he proposed to me... but year after year, its also my favorite month because it means FOOTBALL IS BACK! Sure, its just preseason, but hello! It's still so exciting! Seeing orange and black back on the field makes my heart beat a little faster and its something Caleb and I love to celebrate together!

Since my sister in love is having her annual football link up today, I wanted to share some of my favorite #whodeymemories! Like...

-Ordering pizza when Caleb and I first started dating watching the game together!

...and if we weren't watching it together, it's usually because we were there together...
in 2009 Caleb gifted me tickets to my first Bengals game! It was the best! 50 yard line, 15 rows up.

-Driving to Pizza Hut 45 minutes away to watch the game since we didn't have cable at school!

-Celebrating a victory with family by taking crazy pictures and tossing a ball!
hi long haired me!
-Surprising Caleb with amazing seats for his birthday against the Baltimore Ravens, and WINNING!

-One of the craziest games we've ever witnessed was the Seahawks game last October when our friends came to town. We won in OT and the stadium roared in victory!

-Hitting the road with friends to cheer on our team! From driving to Indy for the playoffs (yes, all 5 of us in one tiny car, like, the tiniest), to the time we drove to Tennessee for a random away game!

-Of course, no football get together in our family is complete without our go to snacks...

Honestly I'm so ready for Fall. I hate to wish the seasons away, but I'm more than READY this year! So what about you? Are you a big football fan? Who's your team!? What's your favorite snack!?

Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. Y'all are the cutest! Congrats on the win against the Lions...even if it is just preseason, like you said it's fun!

  2. Football is HUGE in our house. We just had a son and his name is JJ. He is NOT named after JJ Watt. TCU and Houston Texans all the way :)

    Favourite snack is hands down velvetta queso. Easy and delicious! Hubby is actually working for the Texans this year so he will be at all home games which means I will party it up at the Casa with the Little One on Home Texans Sundays.

  3. WHO-DEY?!?!?!? I'm so beyond ready! I absolutely LOVE that picture of you and Caleb at that Seahawks game! So cute! I'd really love to get to more away games. Such a great excuse to travel and check out other cities.

  4. LOVE that you and Caleb are big Bengals fans together, these photos are so cute! I'm so ready for Fall too! I'm a diehard Broncos fan and my boyfriend rocks the Green Bay cheese hat every weekend. Time for bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, buffalo cheese dip, and FOOTBALL!!!

  5. Omg you and Caleb are BABIES in those first pics!! Love 'em!! :) So ready to inhale crack dip and scream at the TV with you this season!!

  6. Some of my favorite memories from college are centered around football games. It's so amazing how you can remember exactly how it felt when an extraordinary game happened! Hopefully our teams will make us some even more fun memories this year!

  7. I am with ya! So ready for fall and football!

  8. It's obvious that you LOVE football!! I am a huge football fan and I just saw a cute shirt on instagram that said... I love you more than a college football saturday. It was so cute! My husband taught me all the rules of the game so it's been a really fun hobby to have together. Oh and your food ideas look delicious :)

  9. I was over at Erin's blog today and clicked on a link that led me to yours - then BAM, I see pictures of you guys together. haha! That's funny. I had to come check out your blog because the title was cute and I'm glad I found it. I'm excited to follow along!

    - Whitney

  10. ohhh i love this trip down memory lane!! and hello long haired you! i love your short hair but long hair is so cute too :) i'm happy you all love football so much, i'm kinda glad i'm not a bengals fan purely because i look horrible in orange.. haha jk.


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