Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our 4th weekend!

Although we had to work all day Friday and all day Saturday, we landed ourselves some awesome couples to work with. It just so happen both of these weddings were in Dayton so we got ourselves a hotel and that way we were closer to Saturday's wedding!

Caleb surprised me Friday before their ceremony with a new souvenir long sleeve tee from the museum we shot at that day!

Thanks to Megan and Troy for being troopers in the heat and also being willing to leave their reception for a few minutes to soak up the literal last 3 minutes of sunshine!

Saturday we shot Kelsey + Ethan's big day...it was such an intimate, awesome day and we're thankful to have been a part of it!

We got home pretty late, but not before a quick Walmart trip to make the most of our two days off! Unfortunately the rain kept us inside a lot, but we still made the most of it. Sunday we grabbed a spontaneous breakfast with Caleb's parents and holy cow, I think it was the best french toast I've had in my life.

We hit up the dollar store, bought a few more coloring books, watched a movie then headed to his brother Cole's house for dinner a few fireworks!

Monday we slept in (yay!!!) and ended up getting new phones. Both of ours had been acting up like crazy for months and we basically had had enough. We went to Verizon since we were due for an upgrade in August and the guy basically said he couldn't do a thing for us. Couldn't even tell us what an estimated ballpark monthly bill would look like. So we went to AT&T for giggles and ended up switching and getting a much better deal (saving up to $40/month and got brand new phones)! Then we grabbed a frozen pizza, some ice cream, and had ourselves a fun evening at home!

Although it wasn't a "long" weekend for us, we're thankful for the 2 days we did get off! We have now shot 7 weddings in a row, and this Saturday's will make 8th. BUT! Then we get a HUGE break and we definitely need it!!!

Hope everyone had an awesome long weekend! What did you do!? 


  1. Sea salt caramel is my jam! Both of the couples are gorgeous. Yay for new phones!

  2. Love that sunset picture - that's the best photographers, the ones that catch the moments like that :)

  3. So much fun!! Go figure - we're about to switch from AT&T to Verizon lol!

  4. That ice cream is SO good! And those wedding pictures are so pretty!

  5. Ice cream was pretty good but the weekend away was a lot better!!!!


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