Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I love these girls (Anne & Jenna) for always hosting this monthly link up. When my blog brain fails me, they always save me! Summer seems to be a slower time for bloggingin general, and you'd think with all the sunshine/activities the creativity would be oozing out of me but nope. Not a bit!

So, currently I'm...

Toasting: the fact that after this weekend, Caleb and I will have photographed 8 weddings in a row, and FINALLY get a 4 week break. As much as we love this side gig, it absolutely wears us out working 6 days a week. So we're more than ecstatic about some uninterrupted time together to do whatever we want!

Going: to Tennessee at the end of the month for our teens annual camp trip! We are SO excited for another exhausting, emotional, crazy fun week with our teens!
photo from our trip last year  when we went white water rafting!
Smelling: the Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume that I'm almost out of... reminder to get more!! I usually always just wear "body mist" or whatever I can find cheapest at Bath and Body Works but I found this perfume on Black Friday back in 2014 for $18 and I'm JUST NOW running out of it so I'd say that was totally worth it!

Wearing: a hand-me-down from my bestie. When I went to visit her in TN earlier in the year she had an insanely huge pile of clothes she was giving away so I went through it and took a few staples!

Wishlisting: our dream camera(s). So, the Best Buy in Dayton has really stepped up their game and has an entire DSLR section now with more than just "basic" cameras. They even hired employees from Canon, Nikon and Sony to talk specifics with you. It was so fun getting to actually FEEL the camera in your hands, not just look at it online. While we're definitely not ready to pull the trigger just yet, it got us both insanely antsy for when that DOES happen!!

I'm also totally wishing we were in Hilton Head already... sure, its not until October, but let the countdown begin! 108 days! ;)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! 


  1. Yay for a month of free weekends!

  2. I've never been to Hilton Head, but it looks beautiful. Hope you all have a great time this fall!

  3. Love having you join up as always! And yay for some free weekends coming up... have fun!

  4. Wahoo, your trip to TN is almost here! I know you guys will have so much fun :) Plus lots of free weekends?! You guys are about to have one heck of a fun little 'break' here!

  5. yay for some free weekends coming up! enjoy them girl, you guys have earned them.

  6. Have fun in Tennessee!! <3

    Edye |

  7. 4 week break sounds amazing, you deserve it :) and counting down to a vacation is my favourite thing about going on vacation haha. gives you something to look forward to!


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