Thursday, July 7, 2016

Things I'm Loving {Volume 3}

I've enjoyed writing posts like this (see here and here) over the past couple of months... anything goes, really! Random posts are kinda my thing. Anything I've been loving, reading, watching, marveling at, etc.!

So here's what I'm loving...

-My sweet friend Anna's HUGE news! She and her husband are expecting a sweet baby! I couldn't be more excited for them!

-Keeblers Coconut Dreams cookies.

-My Tuesday evening pick me up. I treated myself to a much needed hair cut and Chickfila tea!

-The 1 second everyday app - thanks to miss Emily for sharing!

-This site that offers adorable, affordable bathing suits that are less traditional than regular ole bikinis! I've been stalking it and am LOVING the fun popsicle one!

-This DIY inspired Anthropologie mug!

-$3 L'oreal "Boost It" uplifting foam. Seriously, run to your local store and get yourself some! I was surprised with how well it worked.

-Trying a cappuccino for the first time and actually really enjoying it! I've never been a big fan of the taste of real coffee, I like mine VERY sugary/creamy.

-Coffee Emporium in Downtown Cincinnati; where I got said cappuccino! Their food is surprisingly awesome, too! We celebrated Greta's birthday last night and had a blast!

-That after this weekend, we get a 4 week break from weddings and can enjoy some FREE weekends! Woop woop!

-My sweet nephew, Tyler. I seriously wish I could leave work everyday early and go snuggle that bundle of cuteness!!

What about you? What are some things you're loving lately?


  1. You are seriously adorable. Lovin the hair & that yellow DIY mug is awesome.

  2. That mug is amazing!!! And so is Coffee Emporium. :) Your haircut looks great!

  3. That swimsuit site is so fun! And omg everyone needs to know about Keebler's coconut dreams. At least if they like Samoas from the Girl Scouts...since these are the exact same and available year round!

  4. I'm so glad you shared that swim suit site. I can't seem to find any swim suits that don't show off everything. Yay for a fresh new cut and good food. :)

  5. Checking out that bathing suit site right now! And your hair looks super cute! I need to try that Loreal stuff!

  6. those bathing suits are adorable - thank you for the tip! And your hair looks super cute! :)

  7. your hair looks so cute! your tea reminds me i want one of their milkshakes. so yum! i want all of the swimsuits from that site. the popsicle one is so cute - love that you can mix and match them. i want them all haha. have a good weekend!

  8. Love the hair cut! You look so pretty <3

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