Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Nanny!

I had a Friday post planned that recapped my week, but I realized there was a much more important topic to blog about today... my amazing Grandma and her 69th birthday!

Dear Nanny,

Happy birthday!!! You are unreal, in the best way possible. You have literally put everyone's needs in front of your own for your entire life. It amazes me how you would do anything for anyone. I just hope that one day I can repay all of that selfless love and generosity back to you.

You helped raise Brandon and I and there is no way to tell you how much that meant (and still means) to us. When life got uncomfortable, you gently steered us towards a better path. You taught us how to always love others, to never judge a person based on their past, and to always give second chances.

I really hope that you know that I wouldn't be who I am today without you. You've helped mold the person I have become. When I made silly choices as a teenager, you never made me feel less than amazing, despite my mistakes. When I got engaged, you were the quickest to offer your help and assistance. When I got married, you prayed for us like crazy.

I hope you know how loved you are...not only by me, but by everyone who interacts with you. You know you're special when even my best friends (and even some of Caleb's family) adopt you as their own un-official family and cannot imagine calling you by anything but "Nanny"!

You are the definition of selfless and I truly pray to be half the woman that you are. You are courageous, beautiful, genuine, and so spunky. I am so thankful for you!

Have the best birthday ever! I can't wait to celebrate!


  1. Your Nanny sounds like an amazing woman and a wonderful role model. I'm so glad she was there for you and your brother, in the good times and bad. Happy, happy birthday to her!!! And happy FRIDAY to you! Let's get after the healthy eating and workout challenge this weekend together :)!

  2. This post is SO sweet! How lucky you guys have been to have such an inspiring and caring person in your lives! Happy birthday to your Nanny!!

  3. I love how hard you love, how open you are about the love you have for your people.

  4. Kayla I can't even express what I am feeling right now. This words mean so much to me. This is what life is about. Doing it God's way. Loving one another. I love you more then you will ever know. I am so proud to be your Nanny (grandma). You have the same special gifts. You would do the same. And you have all ready. Thank you for this awesome tribute. Now lets get this party started. :)

  5. The sweetest post!!!! Happy birthday to your incredible nanny!!!!! She is also very lucky to have you as her grand daughter!! Hope y'all have a great weekend celebrating her! :)


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