Monday, June 13, 2016

Bullet point weekend.

-Friday we came home and edited for a bit before heading out to Caleb's brothers house!

-At Cole's house, we grilled out, played frisbee, and had the first bonfire of the summer!

-Saturday we shot the hottest wedding of the year - as in - 95 degree heat. The bride was pretty hot, too! Hehe!

-Put down our cameras at the reception to dance to Soulja Boy, because, why not?

-Made late night popcorn and popped in Zootopia when we arrived home after midnight.

-Slept in and made the fluffiest scrambled eggs in the world on Sunday.

-Stopped by Nanny's to give her a birthday present :)

-Ripped my contact lens at their house so we had to drive all the way home (me with one eye closed) to get a new one.

-Sports Camp kickoff night! Our church hosts this every year (over 340 elementary kids in the community), and its amazing! I get the privilege of photographing this awesome week!

-Editing session side by side with the best husband ever when we got home.

-Got to bed way too late!

-Paying for it this morning!

-Not a coffee person (unless it tastes like absolute sugar) but I need caffeine.

Hope everyone had a fabulous, fun, warm weekend!


  1. This weekend a perfect example of Summer in Ohio, so so warm! I love the very last photo, those flowers are amazingly gorgeous.

  2. I had my first bonfire of the summer this weekend too! What did you think of Zootopia? I haven't seen it but I thought it looked cute!

  3. What a busy, but fun weekend!! It was so hot here in Tennessee too. Summer bonfires are the best and such a good way to end a summer day! We have been wanting to see Zootopia so bad!! I have hear it is a cute movie! I absolutely hate when I loose a contact or one rips and I'm not at home, so frustrating and I always end up with a headache. I have definitely done that a few times lol. Glad y'all had a great weekend!! :)

  4. Super busy!!! Love the edited photo though--gorgeous!

  5. I am so glad you danced to Soulja Boy! We wanted to rent Zootopia so badly but it was sold out at Redbox. Boo!

  6. Oh my god that first picture is amazing! Like a box, lol. And that contact thing LOL, been there wayyyy too many times. Very dangerous lol.

  7. i am not a coffee person either, even with a truckload of sugar. but i started drinking diet coke at like 7am this morning, so i feel you. mmm scrambled eggs. yum!

  8. love me some bonfires! I never have them enough while it's warm out.. I've ripped my contact once and it's not pretty! Glad you were able to get another one! Sounds like an amazing weekend! :)

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