Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites || Late April

Although we've got a busy weekend ahead of us, I'm really happy its Friday! The office is always just a little quitter on Fridays, which mean less people bother me, and I like that!! ;) We've also got fun plans to finally celebrate Erin's birthday tonight! So you could say I'm ready to be done with my work day.

Today I'm joining Amanda for another edition of Friday favorites! So let's get to 'em...
This. This is my life.

 Favorite song right now: Unsteady. The music video is pretty depressing, but this guy has a great voice!

One of my favorite posts this week was this one by Anne! That girl is so dang crafty!!!

Favorite mail day - getting my brothers graduation announcement. Eep (the same day my beloved pineapple shorts finally came - yay!!!!)!!

Favorite freebie: having a LOOONG work day Tuesday but getting free food from Starbucks since I was one of the last people there at closing. #photographylife

Favorite thought: realizing I can finally whip out all my dresses for shooting weddings. It gets HOT here in the summer. Pants just aren't acceptable!
photo booth fun
Favorite gym moment: sprinting up the inclines on the indoor track and feeling like a dang beast - even if only for 3 seconds, ha!

Favorite item - this mask I found in the bathroom storage under the sink. I found a few more and I'm excited to do these more often. It left my face feeling SO soft!!!

Favorite find: a $25 Cheesecake Gift Card we had forgotten about! Woop woop!!

Favorite moment: when your husband amazes you 24/7. He did something really sweet for me last night that left me in a mess of happy tears. I'm so thankful for that man!

So tell me, what was your favorite moment of the week?


  1. I always get nervous about what to wear when we are working a I stick to black but I think I want to actually wear color this year LOL! Happy weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I loved that post from Anne, too!

    Glad it's finally dress wearing weather, but you look cute in anything you wear. ! Hair flip.

    Have so much fun celebrating Erin tonight!

  3. My brother is graduating this year too! It's so crazy because I feel like he's still a baby since he's my youngest brother :( I also have a few of those random mask things under my sink. I think I've gotten them as stocking stuffers, so I should give them a try!

  4. My sister graduated from high school last year and I was just an emotional blurb the whole weekend lol. Dress weather = the best weather!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to just throw on a dress and look like cute when really it took less effort than picking out a whole outfit lol. Have a good weekend and fun celebrating Erin tonight!!!!

  5. I have wanted to try those face masks!!

  6. I have found so many face masks that I forgot I had and I'm trying to use them all up before we move! High five for amazing husbands. I seriously don't know how I'd make it through life without mine! Have fun at Erin's birthday celebration! :)

  7. LOL to the carrot/donut funny! SO TRUE! ;) I loved that puzzle idea from Anne's blog too- I kinda want to make some for Madelyn!

  8. dang you go girl with the inclines! that is awesome. i'll have to check out that mask! and now i want a donut.. lol.

  9. My favorite part of the week has been this weather. It's been just perfect!! We've been outside so much and I love the cool mornings and evenings spent outside, reading.

  10. This makes me want to get a face mask! Love your bathroom rug too, by the way! I hope you used that Cheesecake Factory gift card! :)


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