Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Weekend!!

I'm so thankful that its Friday. Caleb and I finally get to enjoy a weekend doing whatever the heck we want. It may sound crazy, but for us, those just don't come around that often. I'm so excited to get home tonight and figure out what the heck we'll do. Probably get crazy and begin a new Disney puzzle.... ;)

Obviously, Friday is reason enough to be happy. However, I also got the chance to go to Ruby Tuesdays with our receptionist. She's the sweetest...always so positive, optimistic, and genuine. So I grabbed her for lunch one day and realized how much she needed it. Her Dad was recently diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer and they've given him less than 6 months to live. I hate that she's going through this, but I'd like to think that for even a few moments, she wasn't thinking about all the darkness in her world.

I've been utilizing the other perks of Amazon Prime, other than just the free shipping! If you don't have the Amazon Prime music app - you need it NOW! I came across a ton of Colbie Caillat and I forgot how much I used to love her. I've got a pretty killer playlist going!

My sweet Greta also picked me up with HER OWN CAR this week. She's like a little sister to me, and I'm thankful to be able to make these fun memories with her. She offered to take me to Starbucks one night, so of course, I obliged.

Last night I spent an hour watching another free webinar. I'm pretty much in love with Katelyn James and every image she's ever taken, so gaining insight for FREE from her is an opportunity I can't pass up. I really can't get enough!

We also took a stab at cauliflower pizza last night and totally transformed a Pinterest recipe from pepperoni to buffalo chicken! We really did love it. I have to be honest, it didn't satisfy that "pizza" craving, but it DID taste amazing. But man, I miss carbs. 

Hope everyone has a lot of fun for the weekend planned, or a lot of relaxing, which is just as awesome in my book. Happy Friday!!


  1. Woohoo for free weekends!! :) And delicious food. And Starbucks. And puzzles ;)

  2. I've been wondering about cauliflower crust pizzas! Thanks for testing it out for me ;) Now I can try it, haha.

    You're so sweet to take out the receptionist for lunch. Prayers for her family---I love your sweet spirit and that you think of small things like that to do that can really turn around someone's day! XO

  3. You have given up carbs? Like completely?? If so, I give you major kudos because I just love bread too much, haha!

  4. I hope you enjoy your weekend of freedom - you're also so kind to take your co-worker to lunch while she's going through this hard time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That is so sweet that you took the receptionist to lunch. Prayers for her and her father! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. We just got Amazon Prime a year ago. Can you believe you ever lived without it at some point?!


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