Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feeling refreshed + some goals

I'm finally feeling like myself again. This week, I've really started watching the foods I put into my body, I've been focused more on exercise and getting my daily steps in, and I've been cooking nearly every night. Oh, and I cut off 4 inches of hair last night (which I haven't done in years)!
I call this the Claire Dunphey
Something just kind of hit me over the weekend, that all the things I say "would make me happier", I could actually be doing. The only person stopping me, was me.

For instance, I claim to love reading, yet never make the time for it. Caleb and I cannot say no to our local used book sales, and we end up leaving with about 20 new books every time. We physically have no more room on our bookshelves, so they are flowing over into our bedroom nightstands and desk. Yet, what's the point in continuing to buy them if they just sit there?! SO, I'm challenging myself to start/finish a new book this month. I'd ask you all for recommendations but I already have too many to think straight :)

So here are my goals for the month of February:
Curl my hair a few times. I love the way it looks curled yet I never make time for it. So here's to waking up a couple times to practice more!

Exercise. Whether that means waking up before the sun to get in an hour of cardio, walking on my lunch break, running at night, etc., I'm not going to be too selective! Just want to be as active as possible, every day.

Order a new photo book. Well, my FIRST photo book. I really want to make our wedding album. I know, 2.5 years later... blah blah blah. Now that I finally have free time, there's NO excuse.

Cook some new recipes. Pinterest has literally been my BFF this week, and with guests coming over on Monday, I want to step up my game :)

Date the heck out of Caleb. We have so much free time this month and I don't want to let it slip away before its gone. We don't have a wedding until March, and then starting in April it gets a little crazy again. So, I want to soak up every evening/day/etc. that I get with my man!!

Do our taxes. We are so much more prepared than we were last year and I'm ready to pay these silly taxes so we can get on with our debt snowball! We are praying to be out of debt by mid-Spring!

Organize and clean our bedroom. Somehow our bedroom turned into more of a catch-all for all of our laundry, books, etc.! I want our bedroom to feel more relaxing... not stress inducing! ;)

I hope everyone has a great Thursday. SMILE! The weekend is almost here!!


  1. I LOVE your hair!!!! I have been debating cutting mine off but then I miss it when I do! I have so many books right now I want to be reading I just need to start & tackle one at a time

  2. Love your hair cut! Those are some good goals - you've got this :)

  3. I love your hair so much! Adorable! And way to go with that debt snowball!

  4. Ahhhh LOVE your hair!!!! It looks so CUTE, you rock that hairstyle!!

    Great goals!! So happy y'all have some free time this month, woo hoo! Pinterest always comes through for new recipes when I'm looking for something!

  5. This is the first time in years that I could do my taxes early because all the paperwork for it arrived on time but for some reason I'm putting it off. Maybe if I did though, that would allow the push to plan for a summer vacation, ha!

    On the reading front, I highly recommend making an account on Goodreads (I can't remember if you're on it already or not). It will allow you to track your books, what you want to read, have read, etc. I love it!

    PS - Love the hair!

  6. I second what Julie said with Goodreads! & if you have an account, what's your username on there I wanna add you!

    LOVE your hair! When I saw it on IG, I had to do a double take, you rock that style Kayla!

  7. I love your hair!! I can never get mine to curl like that!

  8. Definitely enjoy all the free time you can this month!! :) And what is going on in that foil??

  9. you hair!! {insert all the heart eyed emojis} love love love it! photobooks always seem on th back burner, don't they? i'm sooo behind on mine it's not even funny. and it appears on my to-list all the time. oops.

  10. your hair looks amazing! do share what is in that foil packet, it looks yummy! when did you get married exactly? just curious. i still haven't ordered our wedding photo book either, oops. also, i know this might sound weird, but even if you just read for like 5 minutes a day (say, when you go to the bathroom) it gets you in the habit and it's better than nothing. sometimes i spend all day reading, sometimes i don't read at all. it certainly doesn't have to be all or nothing!

  11. Wait you forgot one! HANG OUT WITH ME!!! :D Hehe can't wait to see ya!!!

  12. Your hair looks fabulous! And yay for doing taxes, I feel like I'm the only one who gets excited for it because it means a nice payout after a long year <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Love love your hair! Super cute. Love it curled like that :)

  14. Your hair looks so cute like that! Beautiful :)

  15. Your hair looks amazing... and I love the curls - I'm definitely all for you curling it more often!


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