Friday, May 29, 2015

A few squares for Friday.

All those in favor of 3 day work-weeks and 4 day weekends sayyyy "I"... 

I'm currently trying to decide when I can wear this amazing anniversary dress Caleb got for me. I know I said it yesterday in our trip recap but guys, he knocked this years gift outta the park. How in the world did he find the cutest dress in the mall AND it fit perfect?! I can't wait to plan a fun date night out with that stud!

Although its Friday...I'm absolutely exhausted because last night Caleb had another full (late) night of softball, and right before THAT I had an engagement shoot Downtown, which was right after a full day of work. We didn't get home until nearly midnight and I'm BEAT today. However, I've also said before that I truly wouldn't trade these fun moments for anything. It can be a hassle getting to the fields, but watching him do something he loves brings me a whole lot of joy...and that'll never get old.

This is an extremely old but extremely awesome picture with my favorite people. Yesterday was E&J's 4th wedding anniversary and I just love the crap out of them. They are equally as weird as us, share a love for all things Disney, and are completely content (and even excited) by game nights in with us instead of crazy nights out. #mykindofpeople.

Here's a (totally unedited) little sneak peek from last nights Eden Park shoot!

That actually brings me to my next question...has anyone else using blogger noticed a significant decrease in quality of photos that you're uploading? These files are HUGE and at such high resolution, but I felt like some of my Pittsburgh recap photos looked grainy? Any ideas??

We've got a wedding to shoot tomorrow and we can't wait! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Late nights at the ball field and being exhausted the next day at work are totally worth it. Especially when you get to do it with your best friend. I miss the days of hanging out at the ball field on a week night.

  2. Yes to the grainy pictures! I mean, I use my phone camera for most of my pictures, but I've definitely noticed a difference in the quality. I thought it was me! Those pictures from the engagement shoot are so gorgeous. After seeing so many of your beautiful photos, I'm weirdly nervous about our photographer now! Haha!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I think you should wear that cute dress to a date day at the wineries or something - that's where I see it ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Aaah love the photos. (I'm not the most impressive photographer, so to be honest, I can't help you. I haven't noticed anything). It must be so fun shooting engagements and weddings xx

    1. Weddings are so fun but they can be tiring, that's for sure! I still haven't heard back from Blogger on this issue, either!! Hope you had a good weekend!!

  5. You are absolutely right about not trading the fun moments! I'm sometimes quick to decline invites to things because ughhh....I need sleep...but sometimes it's worth the extra cups of coffee the next day :)
    I noticed the photo thing too. I rarely ever upload DSLR photos (#iphoneforlife) but I did upload some of my outfit photos recently and was surprised that the quality seemed grainier than I expected :/

  6. I hope you made it through work today!!! :) I know Caleb loves seeing his beautiful wife in the stands cheering him on!!!

  7. It always amazes me when husbands/guys pick out clothes for their significant other and its actually cute- it looks great! What a good job :)

  8. Pleeeeease come and photograph my life. You are so talented.

  9. Thanks for the shout-out! ;) Can't wait to see you rocking your new dress!


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