Friday, May 1, 2015

A few pre half-marathon ramblings!

I'm less than 48 hours from my next half marathon, and somehow, I'm out of my mind excited. Ask me again right after, when I can hardly walk. It's kinda funny, last year I had hardly trained (idiot move #1) so I was in a lot of pain DURING and after the race for weeks. This year? I trained pretty hard, up until a few weeks ago, but I'm not very nervous at all. More anxious, I want to get to that starting line, enjoy the views, and finish hand in hand with my husband. That's my only goal; to cross that FINISH line, by his side. Since its Friday, and its been a LONG week, I can only muster random thoughts regarding the upcoming race/last years race.

-I was fumbling through photos from last years half marathon and came across a hilarious snapchat that I sent my sister in love. I can't help but laugh looking back - what else did I expect?!

-The fact that I have a running watch this year makes me THRILLED. You guys, I'll actually be able to KNOW what my pace is, DURING the race? Whaaat?! ;)

-Shoot. It hadn't crossed my mind until now that I don't have an arm band to hold my iPhone (it doubles as my ipod)...and Lord knows I'm not HOLDING that thing in my actual hand for hours on end. So now I'm frantically texting my husband asking if he has an extra, cause if not, that is my #1 goal for tonight! FIND ONE!

-We need to figure out what our carb-loaded meal will be indulging in tomorrow night. I'm leaning towards Olive Garden or PF Changs (haayyy gift cards). Rice is my love language.

-The forecast right now for our race morning begins in the low 50's and will easily rise into the 70's by 11AM. It's kind of perfect and I'm pumped about it. The fact that I won't need a jacket makes me thrilled. Nobody likes to run with something tied around their waist. Or is that just me?

-More than the forecast, I'm really excited for my new running leggings. So excited, that I think I've mentioned them about 4 times on this lil space of the internet that I call mine ;)

-Caleb is currently downtown picking up my packet, getting my bib/shirt, and scoring a ton of freebies from the Expo and I'm insanely jealous. I want nothing more than to ditch work and join in. Grabbing all the goodies that I can!!! Seriously, we get enough laundry detergent to last us a year!

Can't wait to take another photo like that this year! Yay!
Thanks for all the well wishes and have a GREAT weekend, everyone!!!


  1. I'm sorry--- you got detergent last year?! That lasted you a year?!! I missed out on that one apparently! Good luck this weekend- I know you guys will all do great! It's killing me a little bit not to be out there with you all but I'll be cheering from afar!

  2. SO EXCITED for you!!! I hope you guys have a great race and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Good luck girl - you're going to do great!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Best of luck girl, you're going to do great!!

  5. so exciting!!! i'm a little jealous - I need to sign up for a race! Good luck! You will do awesome!!!

  6. Yay! Can't wait to hear all about it! Sounds like PERFECT running weather. Also.... laundry detergent? I don't think I've ever seen any at an expo.... what is this??? Have fun!

  7. Best of luck!! :)))

  8. You will kill it Kayla! Good luck!


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