Friday, December 12, 2014

The (mostly) highs and lows of my week.

Oh my, its FINALLY Friday. I've had quite the week, filled with ups and downs, happy stuff and crappy stuff, and I'm ready for the weekend!!!

Low? Having to pay for alterations on a bridesmaid dress for the NYE wedding I'm in.
High? Getting a call from the seamstress and finding out its only going to cost $26!!! WHAT?!! *happy dance*

Low? Getting food poisoning late Tuesday night all into Wednesday. It wasn't fun. Unless you categorize sleeping on the bathroom floor as fun, then...there's that.
High? Getting extra time to relax at home with my man this week in the evenings. 

Low? Finding this picture of me getting caught by my husband stuffing my face with my 4th cookies and cream bar...
High? Actually doing pretty well on my "eating right" plan this week...

Low? How fast this month is flying by!!! I want this season to last a while. It's the only season we truly decorate for, and it makes our apartment feel so "homey".
High? Getting to change the "# of days" on our Mickey advent countdown...absolutely love it!!

Low? Paying for an expensive drink at Starbucks (I only buy it when I'm there for a consultation).
High? Realizing its one of the tastiest holiday drinks I've ever tried!!!! Candy Cane Frapp!!

Low? Realizing I have yet to wrap any of Caleb's gifts yet. Or actually see any of them, for that matter!
High? Getting texts from my Nanny saying his gifts keep arriving to her house day by day. Caleb and I both order through Amazon so I have his gifts sent to her house :)

Low? I've been absolutely sore from a killer game night w/ the youth group on Sunday.
High? Having a blast with those kids isn't something I ever regret, no matter HOW sore I am!

...I'm so excited its Friday guys, really. Caleb and I have two office parties this weekend. His is tonight, mine is tomorrow. I have no clue what to wear to either of them, but what I do know is, its two free date nights for us! Lots of free food make us one happy couple. I hope you guys have LOTS of "highs" this weekend, and no "lows" :-)


  1. Oh no, food poisoning is the worst! Hope you're feeling better!

  2. The month is totally flying by!! S-l-oooooo-w down! I still haven't finished decorating out apartment and then I realize Christmas is 2 weeks away and get stressed out that the decor won't be up very long. Ohhhh, such important things to stress about ;) Hope you're feeling better!

  3. This month is going so fast! Looks like yours is going pretty well though. :)

  4. a NYE wedding, that sounds so fun! Food poisoning is the worst, I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Have the best weekend!!!

  5. Aside from the food poisoning, it seems like you've had a pretty awesome sauce week! I do feel like this month is flying by so fast and leaving my little butt in the dust. Slow down Christmas!!! Have a good weekend chica :)

  6. YAY for cheap alterations, Christmas decor, and gifts in the mail!! :) Although I don't understand why they are sent to Nanny's house? LOL- he won't know what they are from an Amazon box right??

  7. Boo for food poisoning, but yay for getting two date nights for FREE!!! Hope you kids had soooooo much fun!! :) Double yay for the alterations only being $26!! That is almost unheard of!!


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