Thursday, December 11, 2014

Goals as husband & wife before the new year!!

We all say it every year, but 2014 truly FLEW right past us! Caleb and I set a few goals for ourselves before the final month of 2014 is over. A few we can help each other on, and a few individual...

Substitute teaching license.
Caleb's dream of becoming a high school history teacher has been on hold for a while, for no real reason. We all get comfortable in life sometimes, and forget where our passion truly lies. BUT he recently expressed how badly he wants this. So his goal is to be certified to substitute teach by the end of the year. Or at least have the application completed to begin pursuing it on the first of the year. WELL, the other night before bed, we decided to take all the necessary steps online and made him an account with OH dept of education, and tomorrow he's going to the district to get their signatures, etc. I'm so extremely proud of him!! If you've ever been around him, you can tell he's an amazing man, and I get to witness his leadership every Sunday night when we hang with our youth group. I just know he's going to be an amazing teacher. 
[insert random photo of husband where he looks professional]

Relax more, together.
This season of little-to-no weddings won't last forever, so we're savoring our evenings/weekends together (unplugged), with no laptop out for editing...I'm quite enjoying it! This may seem like a silly goal, but for us? It's necessary!!

Be more intentional.
It hit me the either day that I have only seen one of my bridesmaids, Ashley, ONCE since my wedding. Although we live states away, I just hate that! We grew up together, and hardly speaking is just not okay with me! So I'm trying to work something out soon to make more time for friends like that, whether its a quick phone call after work or a simple card to let them know I'm thinking of them! Caleb is working on a guys weekend with some college friends in Columbus/Cleveland, and I'm excited for this Saturday, where I get to have a day of baking with some women in my family. The awesome couple below wants to have a hangout soon as well, and we're so excited about it! Time with friends is just something that should always happen! This also applies to my marriage, its easy to forget to "date" Caleb, but just because we're married doesn't mean the fun stops! I'm excited to spend Christmas with him and give him a couple from-the-heart gifts, as well.

Drop a few pounds.
I guess I shouldn't say that. I could care less what the number on the scale says, if I feel good about myself. I really kind of let myself go the past couple months, and I'm proud to say I'm officially back on the working out train. Trying to get at least 3 runs in a week, plus strength training and eating a LOT better...I pray that it pays off by the new year.

Officially sign up for the half marathon in May!
Caleb's work (luckily) pays for his entry, but that doesn't mean I'm covered! I keep forgetting and need to just sign up before the year is up and prices continue to rise! Training is going to be so fun (and brutal, I'm sure)!

Make more low-carb meals, together.
Caleb and I both feel that going low-carb is what shows us the quickest results, both physically and mentally. If I cut out pop and white bread/rice/etc, after a week? I feel like a new girl. So we're excited to try some new, healthy recipes!! & sure, we have a tiny kitchen, but those nights we can cook together just make my heart happy!!

Any goals in particular you have that you want to finish before the new year hits?? Tell me about it!


  1. Ahhhh! So exciting! I love when Matthew and I are able to make goals for ourselves. On the half marathon- You go girl!! And good for Caleb on wanting to be a high school history teacher. That is awesome!! Praying the process goes smoothly! :)

  2. I had no idea Caleb wanted to teach! Subbing will be a great way for him to get his foot in the door. Love that you guys have so many things you want to work on together.

  3. What are some of your low carb recipes? We've been trying out a number of them as well!

  4. Those are really good goals. Substitute teaching is great, and it's really flexible which is super nice. Maybe he could get a sweet gig for someone going out on maternity leave. Often that leads to a permanent job. I have to be on a no carb no sugar diet and while I hate it, I must say that I have lost a few pounds and I feel really good when i stay on it. This is totally a do-able list!

  5. Look at that long, blonde hair!!! I hope you guys try some yummy new recipes this month :)

  6. It's awesome to see someone making goals BEFORE New Year's resolutions. I hope you rock them all!

  7. I'm doing a half in May too! We can be accountability partners! YAY for Caleb and teaching! You guys have some great goals!

  8. Noel and I need to make couple goals for 2015 as well. 2014 really has flown's weird. I think we need to make it a goal to actually go out on dates! And even though YOU don't need to drop a few pounds in 2015 *I* do. I'll naturally be losing about 25 immediately :) but after that, it's back to pre-baby weight!

  9. I love your goals! I am planning on doing the same thing too! I really want to make more time to connect with my friends and loved ones who I don't see as regularly as I would like to. Or even just send a kind note or chat on the phone when we have time :) I think sometimes life gets away from you and you don't realize it! The last few months, I fell off the workout wagon as well and just don't feel good in my body. I started dancing again and am keeping on! Best wishes! I didn't know you lived in OH! I am a teacher in OH :)


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