Monday, November 3, 2014

This town ain't big enough for the both of us...

Our weekend was amazing. It started at Erin and Jared's with a fun celebration for Caleb's birthday. Complete with a poster size card, too much dancing (is there such a thing?!) and pounds of food. They always throw the best little hangouts and we're so thankful for all the hilarious memories we made!

The next morning we watched my brother tear it up at his band competition...oh, did I forget to mention it was SNOWING?!?! Yeah...well, just flurries, but still. I'm thinking this is going to be one cold, long winter ahead of us! After that, we were off to put our costumes together. I got very lucky with this find (and since we waited to buy until Nov 1st, it was on super sale!), and Caleb found himself a Walking Dead costume, and he completed a little DIY at home with spray blood + Meijer bought toy gun.

Meet Jessie, and Sheriff Rick Grimes.

Caleb looks pretty legit in this next photo.

Erin and Jared got pretty crazy with their costumes, too! Meet Zurg and Cruella Deville!

The night was a blast, seeing lots of Caleb's side of the family that we don't get to see very often, eating delicious food and enjoying some hilarious games. Oh, and snuggling an adorable little baby (complete with a mustache)!!

& guess who won "Best Costume" of the night? That's, Rick Grimes!!!!

We had a ton of fun, and were seriously so worn out by about 8:00PM. File that under #whenyouknowyouregettingold.

Sunday was spent alone. Caleb was at the Bengals game downtown all day, while I hibernated on our couch... and by hibernating I mean drowning in beautiful edits all day. How was your Halloween weekend?


  1. Yall are just the cutest things ever. We didn't get to do any dressing up this year, but have started brainstorming for next year! ;)

  2. Erin looks awesome! How cute are you as a Jessie? I mean, seriously! Happy (late) Halloween!

  3. You guys are so awesome. You already know how I feel about the Rick Grimes costume. I'm happy he won! You look adorable and Erin's costume is on point. You just seem like the most fun bunch ever.

  4. I want to come celebrate with you all!! But with all our snapchats this weekend it's almost like I was! :) Peter and I started planning our costumes for next year - can't wait to have him home!!!

  5. How many times did we say "Carrrrrrl" that night?! hehe ;) Love our Halloween tradition with you guys!

  6. Ya'lls costumes are so awesome and creative!! I absolutely love The Walking Dead so of course I'm just smitten with Caleb's Rick outfit lol!

  7. OMG... yall are entirely too cute!!!! Your hubby looks just like Rick! He totally deserved to win :)

  8. No shame in getting tired by 8pm!! Haha...story of my life. :) Y'all are the cutest!!! Snowflurries???? What in the world??!

  9. Looks like such a fun party! Great costumes!


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