Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A few things I like about myself.

A few months ago, I linked up with some ladies and wrote a post called 10 things I like about myself, and it was so therapeutic. Sometimes, I think we're all a little afraid to say "hey self, you're pretty awesome"...and I've kind of felt some extra stress lately in certain aspects of my life, so I think its time I remind myself what the good things are...

I like...
That I'm loyal. In my marriage, in my faith, and in my friendships. You need me? I will be there, no matter what.

That I'm optimistic. Sure, not every day is good...but I believe there is GOOD in every day. When you have a better attitude about life, its hard to stay negative for long.

My freckles. Sometimes, I can hardly see them, but come summertime, there they are...just like little happy polka dots.

That I wear my heart on my sleeve. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I'm really hard to read. As in, I could be really sad, and not want any pity or questions so I pretend everything is all I bottle it up inside, then freak out at the wrong moment, letting everything build up. That's definitely one thing I'd like to work on. Sharing my feelings more. Caleb is always telling me that its okay to 'not be okay' all the time.

That I'm weird. Like, seriously...but if it wasn't for me being myself, I wouldn't have some of the greatest, most amazing friends in the world who share the same brand of weird.

That I'm going after my dream. Every day isn't easy, and I'm sometimes a little too hard on myself...but I know what I want out of life, and I'll stop at nothing to make my dreams come true.

Speaking of my dream... that I have a passion at all. It makes me sad when I see some people just not have a 'thing' that they love, or want to go after. I'm happy to say I've got a passion, and I love that I get to build relationships with people while pursuing mine.

That I'm strong. I've been through my fair share of 'crap' in life, my teenage years were especially the hardest, but through all the ugly cards that were dealt to me, I learned some seriously valuable life lessons.

That I'm friendly. I truly believe a wave to a stranger, a smile to a co worker, or a simple email can change someone's why not?

That I'm close with my grandparents... I've been blessed with quite a few sets of grandparents. One of which practically raised me. We hardly go a few days without talking, and they feel more like parents to me.

My adventurous side... skydiving? Done. Bungee jumping? Any day. Swim with sharks? Please, say the word!! I don't know what it is, but something about feeling the adrenaline is so neat to me. Life is too short to not do things that scare you at least a little!

My love for life... the days may be slow, but usually the years go fast. I try to write in my real journal a couple times a month to remember the raw moments that I don't want to share on the blog sometimes, and the happy little things like when Caleb packs my lunch for me. Life isn't always the huge milestones, its sometimes the small stuff... like when you find $2 in your pocket, or get gas for under $3 a gallon! Score!

My dimples. Sometimes there's just one...sometimes two. Certain facial expressions of mine show different dimples in my face. I think I got them from my Dad, but I'm not entirely sure.

My middle name, Lynn. It's simple, but I like it. I also got that from my Dad.

You know what? That felt good. On those days when I feel ugly, or my personality doesn't quite fit in,  or I'm being a negative Nancy, I'm going to come back and read these things for the simple reminder that God made me this way...and I'm great the way I am. & SO ARE YOU! Yes, you.... :) you are beautiful.

YOUR TURN. Leave a comment with at least ONE thing you love about yourself.

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  1. I love these kind of posts, because we all need to celebrate what we love about ourselves. We are our own biggest critic, so it's important to also remember, we are pretty freaking awesome.

    I love that I'm loyal, strong, have freckles, can make people laugh, can uplift people when they are having a bad day and I love my optimistic attitude!

    hope you have a great day!

  2. I love my ability to love others! I am definitely someone with a heart for serving other people!

  3. I love friendly waves! When I go running here, everybody says "good morning!" and waves as we pass each other. When we were vacationing in Cali and I went running it was like people had blinders on and refused to acknowledge each other. I was so confused. I kept trying to wave and smile at these lovely California people! :)

  4. Oh my gosh. This post! I love all of these things about you too friend!!! Even the ones I didn't know yet. I just kept nodding at each new thing you love about yourself. You are the best!

  5. What a great post! I need to do one too! I think you're a doll!

  6. I feel like I'm not adventurous AT all. No skydiving for me. :)

    I totally agree...I love passionate people, and am so grateful that I have passions for different things.

    You are amazing!!!!!

  7. This is such a good idea! I love my sense of humor. I'm always trying to get people to smile, laugh, relax, loosen up... I love making people smile!

  8. it's really hard, but somewhat theraputic to come up with things that you like about yourself. this is an awesome list!! and I guess I like my dance moves, lol!

  9. love that you did this! why is this such a hard thing to do?
    and i'm jealous of your dimples!
    you are such a motivation! xoxo

  10. Such a great post! I love my freckles too! You can't really see them right now because they are fading with my tan, but in the summer I have a sprinkling of them across my nose and I think they're adorable. Plus I associate them with summer which is my favorite... so that's probably part of it. Also, I have one dimple in my right cheek and I kind of love it too! :)

  11. This is so wonderful! I should probably do a post like this, too...especially for the tough days. I need those reminders sometimes. Lynn is my middle name, too! I got it from my mom and I love it. I love my fingernails! I get compliments on them all the time and people never believe they are real.

  12. I like your long, brown hair... your shirt... your adorable laugh and your loyalty! :) MUAH!

  13. what a great post. i think it's so easy to name negative things about ourselves, so it's so nice to see a post highlighting things you like about yourself (and I'm definitely going to bookmark this idea for when I have writers block!) my middle name is lynn too :)

  14. Ahh I love this idea!!! :) YOU ARE AWESOME! I'm so so thankful for your friendship!! :)

  15. I love that you and I are friends in this blog world :)

  16. Hey, we have the same middle name!
    I also am a very optimistic person. I get it from my dad, who always says that no matter what, there is someone in the world who has it worse than we do.

  17. I feel like you would be a good time. If someone was a breath of fresh air, I think it would be you.

    I like that I have a strong personality. I know who I am and how I feel. I like that confidence.


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