Monday, February 10, 2014

Friday nights in for the win!

There I was at work Friday afternoon, and realized Caleb and I had no plans at all for the night. So, I sat at my desk, and took it upon myself to start brainstorming free or cheap date night ideas for us to get into once we were off work. I text him this fun idea about using our gift cards for a movie/dinner date night, I was set on it. I would buy sour patch kids and he, the popcorn...and we'd see Frozen. It was just going to happen.
Until... "umm...babe, I've got a night planned with the guys, didn't I tell you?" happened.
wop wopppp.

So, instead of getting sad because my hypothetical plans had just crumbled right before me...I decided to embrace a night in, alone. I could've asked any number of my ladies to hang, but I decided I really needed a night off from everything. To sit, grab some food, sit in my comfy clothes and do whatever the heck I wanted.

What did I decide to do first? Be a fatty. Grab Chickfila. DONE.
Then...find my husband's comfiest clothes and get into them immediately.
Next? Facetime with my sweet friend Becky and plan out what we'll do when she comes to visit me next month! Still can't believe girlfriend bought a plane ticket and thought hanging out with me for an entire weekend sounded like a good idea ;) but I'm thankful she did.

Next? I decided I'd attempt drafting a few blog posts...until that didn't happen because I got distracted by Pinterest.

Then Erin found me on g-chat and we spent the next 3 hours (or more...I'm not kidding) acting like 14 year old on AIM. Sending each other hilarious pictures of ourselves, and essentially planning out the rest of our lives. Yes, we're that cool.

The next day was full of family, drinking a not-so-fancy-only-a-dollar Starbucks coffee, and hanging out with cute pups!

My point of this silly post? Friday nights in by yourself aren't too shabby. Take it from me, I had a blast all by my bad self. Hope your weekend was a success!


  1. I loved Facetiming and can't wait for our weekend!!! A night to yourself with yummy food and comfy clothes is just good for the soul! :)

  2. Hahaha, that is awesome! Love how you spent your night! I am a sucker for wearing my husbands huge comfy clothes too! =D

  3. I love wearing my hubby's t-shirts. I am becoming all too comfy in them :) P.S. yay for a girls weekend!!!

  4. Check out and you'll be able to watch Frozen from the comforts of your home :)

  5. i would love to have a Friday night to myself! I never have time to really just sit back and relax without a certain 4-year-old using me as a jungle gym or begging me to have a "jump party" with her (which is exactly what happened for about 2 hours straight last night, might I add).

  6. might as well make the best of it, right? sounds like a fun friday night to me!

  7. i love how you and erin are. that's so awesome. sounds like my friend and i!

  8. YAY for your fun trip coming up so soon! It's crazy how fast time is flying. I am such a clothes stealer when Michael isn't here. The way the clothes fit is just perfect. haha Hope you had a good start to your week. Miss you friend. I am hoping life slows down soon.

  9. I wish we could've Facetimed. Boooo!!! But yes...a Friday by yourself with Chick Fil A is a pretty great night.


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