Friday, September 20, 2013

If I had $5,000.

Happy Fridayyyyy.

A few weeks ago, Caleb and I were hanging out with Erin and Jared and somehow we all got to talking about what we'd do if we won the lottery. I proceeded to say I'd take a few thousand bucks of someone else's (like Caleb's if he won), and just rebuild my wardrobe. Trust me, girl needs an upgrade.
Erin agreed, she'd do the same.

Well, the guys just could NOT get over it and acted like we were being greedy. Jared continued on in saying "I could see giving you guys like five HUNDRED...but not thousand."
Boy. be. TRIPPIN'!

Sure, I'd love to have $500, but if you just scored the lotto -- I'm takin more! Hense...the $5K.

So this got me thinking to build a potential wardrobe to showcase to them.
Sooo, here!

What I'd buy if I hit the lotto

For obvious reasons.
I'll take one in every color, please.
The perfect LBD.
White pointed toe heels.

Some favorites from the sweet and beautiful Shanna.
A black blazer.
A white blazer.

A black and white plaid shirt.
A red plaid shirt.

These beaauuuties...I mean booties.
More statement necklaces.
A cute watch.

Gorgeous pinks!
The whole boutique of Francesca's.
A leopard belt.

Black leather handbag.
The perfect pair of jeans.
More work pants.

This entire ensemble. 

A yellow pencil skirt.
A white tunic.
The perfect baseball tee.

This blue skirt.
& last but definitely not least. this maxi with those tights, and THOSE booties. Love you, Ash!!
Ahhh, it was fun day dreaming. Seriously though, this list is never ending.
So, what wold you add to YOUR wardrobe if you hit big?

Happy weekending, friends!


  1. I've been eyeing those booties of Ashley's for awhile... in fact I was looking up online last night to find similar ones. creeper creepy.

  2. Booties and blazers and bags, oh my! I need all of this, please and thank you.
    Glennda and I talk about "What if we won the lottery" all the time and each time my first answer is, "Well, after we got me a huge farm with tons of rescue doggies..." :)

  3. Oh my gosh. I love it all!! =D

  4. boys are so funny! they do NOT understand that $500 buys like 2 things...

  5. those necklaces, love. and that shades of blue outfit, how cute!

  6. I totally agree, I would definitely need $5000! I love that mint blazer. I always think about how awesome it would be to win a shopping once every year would be nice :)

  7. Haha- such a funny conversations. $500, Jared, really?!?!?!

  8. Oh I love all of it. My shopping "wants" is always SO high in the fall too... You should add in MULTIPLE Piko tops! They are affordable but my FAVORITE staple item in the fall, winter, spring and shoot summer but I like the long sleeve more than the short sleeve :) I may have like 7 :/

  9. Id go in a trip for sure!! I love those pretty clothes I would try to squeeze my budget around that too!

  10. Awe, I was reading and nodding my head about all your wants and what you would buy and then BAM, I was like, hey, that's me!! LOL! Thanks for the shout out & I spy a few other buddies of mine! Okay, now let's all go play the lotto & keep our fingers crossed we hit it big!! Oh man, the things I would get!! :)

  11. LOVE so many of these.
    Those necklaces?? I died when I saw them on Pinterest. I want one in every color too. Let's buy them for each other ;D

  12. I need to make my list, too. I would get all the same things...seriously...and a plane ticket to come see you!!!! PS. (I'll mail you that whole outfit) :-)

  13. oh my gosh, i want that blue skirt AND her orange bag!

  14. Men never understand how much money the clothes we want cost! haha!

  15. This just made me want to drop everything and shop, shop, shop. I love all of these items. Perfect outfit choices. A girl can definitely dream. :)

  16. Oh I totally understand what you mean! I've felt like my wardrobe really needs an update after coming back from peace corps. Lucky my man agrees with me and is letting me slowly update it. Plus, I worked at loft for like 2 months and that 50% off really helped things.


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