Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wedding week happenings.

I have yet to recap what all actually happened the week of our wedding...so why not? I know a lot of you read this post, where I spilled about all the "not-so-happies" in my life, that I choose to stay positive about. So if you did, you read the story about  my mom...and that she left on vacation one day, and decided to stay out there. So, imagine my surprise and excitement when she told me she bought a plane ticket to come home. She got home while I was at church...and so when I pulled in the driveway, I couldn't contain my happiness when I saw her. It was so amazing having my mom home for my big week.

Monday: My hair trial appointment. Didn't go quite as planned...which put me in a sour mood when I got home. 1,700 text messages later with some friends, I felt like there was a chance my hair WOULD go according to plan on my wedding day...although I had no idea what we would do now.

After the appointment I treated my mom to our favorite...SKYLINE.

Tuesday: My brothers band concert. He reminded us every single day from March to May about his concert, so of course none of us missed it. & we wouldn't for the world!

That evening... my MOH came over and surprised me with a Chickfila sweet tea (my fav!) and a silly post it -- "4 mo days!" ;)

Wednesday: Erin, and my amazing blog besties all pulled together and sent me a honeymoon package. Like, are you kidding me? I have the coolest gals in my life. A full post on this to come with what was inside!

Then our friend Betsy came to play!

& lyndsie came by again! which made me happy!

Thursday: first day off work. This day was a hot mess...the tent got put up early, church had to hurry and mow the grass, last minute things were bought, it got crazy! Luckily...I was able to wind down and get my nails DID!

FRIDAY: was a hot freaking hot mess. I woke up early, and it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did. I literally lost 4-5 pounds in the last two days before the wedding due to lack of eating (because I was too busy to even think to eat!) and stress. It was stupid. You could say I was a hungry, hungry girl. Although, I wouldn't change a thing about it looking back. Everything worked out.

I'll be doing a post this week on my full day and evening, since it WAS the rehearsal (dinner)...and it was awesome. Absolutely perfect. Everything obviously fell into place the way it was supposed too and I still married the man of my dreams that very next day!

Also, tomorrow is my Friday! Yay for short weeks. Any fun 4th plans??


  1. LOVE this!!! Although now you have me freaking out a little thinking everything will go wrong. haha. I havent had my hair trial yet, but I had my makeup trial and I was NOT pleased! :(

  2. You and your mom totally have the same eyes! I'm so glad she could come for the whole week!!! And that despite the mishaps, everything worked out and you two love birds had the best wedding day :)

    1. Also, I've never heard of skyline but the sight of all that cheese makes me want to go there right now!!!

  3. I totally understand about the whole not eating the few days before thing! Which in turn made me a really mean person haha.

  4. what a sweet friend!! and what a great gift - honeymoon package - so sweet!!!

  5. I lost weight the days before the wedding too.... a combination of madcrazybusyness and nerves. Even if I had time to eat, I wasn't hungry because my stomach was a ball of knots and stress and nervous energy!

  6. what a great wedding week! and love the honeymoon stuff, too cute! and i am sorry friday you were so stressed!

  7. Such a fun, crazy but awesome week it was! :) "We didn't take pictures- let's pull over in this parking lot!!"

  8. That's my worst fear... not eating enough or eating to much right.before my wedding and my dress not fitting right! Still looks like you had a pretty good week, can't wait to hear about the rehearsal!

  9. i love your outfit from the concert and i also love that you wear logo t-shirts as much as me.

  10. What happened with your hair?? I never heard this story!

  11. You had such a busy wedding week but it sounds like it was great! (Other than the stress and the hair) Did you get a pic of the hair not being the way you wanted? What did you end up doing to get the hair-do you did want?

  12. Bless your heart!!! I am so glad your mom was there for you on your big day...along with the most amazing friends ever!!! Now get to recapping more!!!

  13. SMILING EAR TO EAR!!!!!!!!! Love you bunches :)

  14. Isn't it amazing and things go wrong and it feels like nothing will ever be right again, but magically it all ends up ok in the end?


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