Wednesday, April 3, 2013

iiiii work out.

This month something has changed in me... you'd think the ring I got on my finger 7 months ago would've done the trick to kick my own butt into gear... but what did it do? Make me more comfortable. 

Want to know what's REALLY motivated me? Ummm how about the fact that I got a phone call that my
WEDDING DRESS IS IN!! heard gorgeous gown is back in store, ready to go. All I have to do is go try it on and be sure it fits... now THAT is what is motivating me.

So, after many long, motivational & inspirational conversations with a couple of you... I've decided to challenge myself to run 40 miles this month. So far, Caleb and I went running both Monday and last night and I am exactly 6.23 miles into my 40 mile month.

I really feel like this time I can do it. I LOVED Insanity, and we completed more than 1/3 of the 60 day challenge...but it was draining me at a stressful time. It felt like a daunting chore...and that is not how I like my exercise to be. Planning the wedding has been so fun, but its also a bit time consuming, and I don't know about you guys but if I'm going to work out, I want to enjoy it.

Que: running.

I used to run almost EVERY day in high school... where did that motivation go?? Regardless, I am ready to feel confident in my own skin again and get my butt into gear. Running gives me a sense of accomplishment, and I love seeing how many calories I burn on the tredmill.
Makes this girl happy!

Moving on -- today is random Wednesday, and also Robin's "I can't Believe"... You know its my favorite day of the week..

I can't believe...

...that my wedding dress is HERE. O-M-G!

...that my wedding is now 52 days away, WHAT?!

...that I wore my pony covered dress to work today, woops!

...that it's ANNA'S BIRTHDAY TODAY! Girlfriend is awesome. I have so loved getting to know her, she has become a true friend (not just a "blogger gal")!

...that we leave for Mexico in 54 days!!!

...that our honeymoon will be the first time Caleb's ever been on a plane!!

...that Caleb & I get to double date with our faves this Friday night! Woohoo! That will make it feel like Spring is officially upon us! random and ridiculous this post was. Thanks for dealing with me ;)


  1. YAY!! super exciting that your dress is in, I can't wait for mine to be here. Good luck with your running goal, I've been thinking about you!!

  2. Ahhh that's so exciting about your dress!!! :) I have total faith you will get those 40 miles this month!!

  3. Flip that 52 and mines 25!!! woooooo! haha. Good job on your motivation for sure!! Your going to rock that dress missy! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Love this! I'm doing the 30 miles in 30 days, and so far I've went 9.1. I'm SO SO SO excited to see your dress!

  5. eeeee, that's SO exciting that your dress is ready! I totally remember the day I picked up my dress. I hate running, how do you love running? I want to learn to love it. 40 miles in April? Sounds like a great challenge. I know you can do it! You should have guest posts of people sharing about their big day while you are gone for your wedding and honeymoon, leading up to all of your amazing posts about your big day!

  6. i wish i liked running. but it just ain't my thing. i need to get back into it though!

  7. I'm right there with you. I take my dress in for alterations on Friday, and the wedding is one month from tomorrow. I've been relying on the Tone It Up 5-day slim down, and the Self Drop-10 series to try and get back into a regular groove. Good luck with the dress! I'm sure it will be fabulous.

  8. go go go! 6.23 miles arleady?! you're off to a fab start, my friend.

  9. KAYLA!!! I can't wait to see how many miles we both get.. Maybe we will do more than 40?? Let's not push it ;)

  10. What is your pony covered dress? And why haven't I seen a picture of this dress yet, missy?!?!

    You go girl with all that running!!

  11. Ah your wedding is so close!! How exciting! And good luck on your 40 miles! I definitely wish I could push myself to be a runner haha

  12. good luck with your running! i think you set an awesome and doable goal for yourself :)

  13. Good luck! Gosh, I wish I could kick my butt into gear. Maybe you can be my motivation, too!

  14. 52 days, holy cow! I`ve just started running with my gf who is getting married in September. I`m rooting for you :)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  15. I love how you said exercising shouldn't feel like a chore! I think that's why so many people hate exercising so much, they don't find a form of it that they enjoy. And good luck of reaching your goal of running 40 miles this month!

    - Carrie

  16. 40 miles in a month! What a great goal! I think you've just inspired me to do something similar! Hooray for the wedding dress; such a good feeling!

  17. Woohoo! Get it girl! SO super exciting to have your dress in!

  18. ah yay!! that is so exciting kayla! running is for sure the best exercise. relives stress and burns cals like crazy. you got this!

  19. What an awesome goal!! You got this lady, and I'm sure you are rockin' it!
    You should sign up for a 5k race or something- it's so much more fun then just running by your self!
    I bet your wedding dress looks STUNNING! Can't wait to see it.

  20. Your dress is in!!! Yay!!! Good for you, getting your butt in shape (literally) ;-) When I went to my dress fitting the dress was too tight. Oops. It definitely motivated me to shed a few pounds. Now if I could only get that motivation back...

  21. I CAN'T BELIEVE CALEB HAS NEVER BEEN ON A PLANE! That will be so exciting! I'm already excited to hear all about it :) GO you for your running goal! I've been working out regularly for the past few weeks, it's crazy how much better I feel about myself!


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