Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Best vacation of my life {Travel Tuesdays}

I have yet to link up with the amazing Helene yet for her new(ish) link-up...but I've been LOVING seeing everyone elses so far. So I figured why not talk about the best vacation of my entire life today?

Which vacation is that, you ask? Oh just the one where I got proposed toooo ;)

Want to know something sad, though? Since I had NO idea he was going to propose...I didn't set my camera out to get used to the lovely Hilton Head humidity on our first night...so my lens fogged up for like 3 hours, but needless to say Caleb was relentless and wanted to take a bike ride down to the beach together. We filled our bike baskets with my camera, flip flops, and a towel... and we were on our marry way.

All the pictures we took that evening from my camera turned out blurry cause the ONLY dude on the beach besides us that we asked to snap it put it on "manual" so it would NOT focus, so we couldn't tell when we started taking a million selfies... but that couldn't take away my happy.
As you can see...

The next day, I woke up and couldn't stop staring at my ring. I know a lot of women like to go ring shopping with their men when things start to get serious (not me!). Caleb and I had obviously talked about our futures together, and we both knew we'd get married, eventually. I had NO idea he was going to do this that night! I am probably the most simple girl on Earth, I'm not picky, I'm not too complicated, yeah I've got some baggage (but who doesn't!?). Caleb honestly couldn't have done better with my ring. It is so me!

After the initial shock of being a "fiance' " now...we spent the entire week celebrating.

I think its mandatory that the next few months after you get engaged, every picture has to show your ring!

I took WAY too many pictures, of everything... as usual. We spent so much time on the beach, shopping, and most of all...eating.

It truly was the best vacation ever... Hilton Head has always been special to me, but now its REALLY dear to me since there on that tiny, vacant beach, Caleb asked me to spend the rest of my days with him.

& if the past 3 and a half years is any indication of how fun our future will be together...then I think I'll keep him ;)

Happy traveling!


  1. "we were on our marry way" I see what you did there :P such a cute story! I think it's awesome he did it towards the beginning so you could celebrate the rest of the week! The pictures showing off your ring are too funny haha

  2. yep, y'all are adorable!

    I love your description of your ring and how you love it. Since we have the same style, I'd say that fits me too. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

  3. Ya'll are sooo cute! Love all of the rings pics! Def have to show it off! Love the one of you in yellow showing off your ring and holding ice cream. Super fun!

  4. first of all this is gorgeous and second of all..yes! best trip ever! that's funny about the camera, but what can you do?! you two are just cute!

  5. I love all of your pictures! Y'all look great!

  6. Found you through the link up today, and I have one word- ADORABLE! You are so happy in every single picture, I couldn`t help but smile too!!

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  7. That definitely would classify as the best vacation ever! So exciting! Love how happy and glowing you look in each picture!

    I need to add Hilton Head to my list of places to see! So fun!

  8. LOVE this! So cute!! yay for engagement stories and travels!!

  9. Hey i found your blog while wandering around & i love your blog.. so cute! Looks like you had an amazing vacation & your engagement story is so cute. I too have been to HIlton Head it soo beautiful there! & I am also engaged, slowly but surely planning the BIG DAY ahh..
    -Annastasia xox

  10. I'm such a sucker for engagement stories! Your's sounds like it was so perfect: the beach, the special-ness of the location, and of course the fact that you didn't expect it; it just sounds like it was so amazing!

    - Carrie

  11. I see I'm not the only one who caught your awesome marry way pun. I've never heard of Hilton Head, but it looks like you guys had a magical time there!

  12. For some reason I didn't know you got engaged in Hilton Head???! I think you guys need to come down here for another beach trip NOW!!!

    I LOVE all the ring pictures. You're so right...the 100 pictures after you get engaged HAVE to have the ring in it.

    (Mr. Charlie has a Salty Dog Cafe shirt!)

  13. Too too cute! Of course you've gotta get all those pics with your ring! That's what cameras are for! :) I need to go to Hilton Head pronto!

  14. So, so sweet :) And I agree, I think every picture for months after I made sure my bling was somehow in the picture. And kudos to you for not having an idea he was going to propose! Now-a-days it's like the girl has the whole thing planned out from the ring, to how he should propose. My vote is for the surprise :)

  15. This is the sweetest story ever! I love all the pictures of the ring! :)

  16. Love it!! I HATE when my camera fogs up! It's the worst, especially when you need it asap! Love all your ring pics, so fun!

  17. This is so adorable!!! I love that you guy picked out the ring all on his own and that you think it's perfect for you!!! Nate picked out my ring without me too and, without knowing it's what I wanted, got my a past/present/future ring. Yay for men who know what we want! :-)

  18. Oh my! The mandatory show off the ring pictures are so good!!
    How fun to spend the whole week of vacation after getting engaged?! :)

  19. Loveddd this post! You are totally right about needing to show off the ring! I KNOW I will do the same thing once I have something sparkly! Love this vaca and you!

  20. This definitely deserves the title best vaca ever....until your honeymoon. Then they will be tied! hehe


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