Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

I am so so so excited for this weekend. I know guys, its only Tuesday...and here I am, feeling bad for myself for having to work 5 days a week.

JK. I'm super blessed. However, that doesn't mean a girl can't look forward to her Friday's now does it?!

Trust me, I'm all for "enjoy every day for what it is", "live in the moment", etc... but if you actually wake up on a fun Saturday and say "man, I really wish I was at the office today..."
I'm giving you this look.

I am more thrilled for this weekend than I can stand... it is my second bridal shower that my MIL & SIL-to-be are throwing me. I absolutely can't wait! My first shower was such a blast, it has me so excited for this one. Except, I have no idea what I'll wear. & I still need to make a hair appointment... crap.

Onto my REAL topic for the day...
I feel like lately, everyone and their mom's are getting to go on these super FUN blogger dates.
...except me.
I know, I know...I live in Ohiiiio, a pretty awesome state...but none the less. It seems "all ya'll" either live in Texas, Tennessee or the Carolina's. How about this? If you live within a few hours of me (or you don't)...lets make this happen! Like STAT.

Now that that is out of the way, I thought I'd tell you a few reasons why I'm totally "blate-able"

1. I love food. I'll probably make you look super skinny by eating everything on the table...and then ordering dessert.

2. I'm so awkward, you won't even have to worry about what I'LL think of you.

3. Also, don't worry about what to wear...I look like this most of the time. The bar is low, ladies.

4. I like to have fun.

and 5. I like to dance (not that this has anything to do with a "blate").

There you have it. Did I scare you off? ;)
Now lets make this happen, ladies!


  1. I SO wish I could blate with you!! And I would make sure to fit some dancing in.

  2. I'd blate you in a heart-beat! only thing is I'm one of those in the carolina's.

  3. I cannot wait to come see you this summer!! I am definitely a lot less nervous about it now hahaha just kiddinggggg of course! But for real, I can't wait! lol

  4. Hahaha you are so blate-able!!! I hope we can blate someday soon!!! :)

  5. You are adorable! I live in Wisconsin, there's not too many of us Wisconsin bloggers either. Plus it's always cold and miserable unlike those lucky Tennessee and Texas and Florida people. I think we should go on a blate just cause we're name twins :) Plus, I stuff my face MORE then necessary, and I wear sweats more then a normal person should. Sweats blate!!

  6. You are too funny! I WANT A BLATE!

    p.s. - I'm ready for Friday, too!

  7. i'm in AR or I would TOTALLY blate with you!!!!!

  8. right?! i'm getting jealous of all these blates too.also, your #1, too too true. i eat way too much. glad it can make other people feel better and skinnier ;)

  9. Gurrrrl I blate you every dayyyyy! ;)

  10. everyone really has been going on fabulous blates lately! I want to go on one too! Too bad I'm one of those Texas ones or I'd go on a blate with you!!

  11. have fun girl. i bet that will be lots of fun. and i'd totally go on a blate with you. you look like a lot of fun, but i might have you beat on the food thing. i can eat!

  12. Can I come on your blate through virtual means? Like carry me on your phone through the blate? I need to find some closer bloggers so I don't become unblateable.

  13. I'd blate you :) I have a sister-in-law in Ohio- so when we make it out there we can totally blate! (ps- with the crappy Minnesota cold I WISH I were a Texas, Carolina or Tennessee blogger!)

  14. I have a solution to all your problems....move to North Carolina. There...problem solved. I already talked to Caleb and he's looking at apartments down here.

    But, really...you are kindaaa fantastic...you need a blate STAT. And you know this just might be my favorite post, just because of the Pitch Perfect meme.

  15. Well I'm a Texas blogger and I've never been on a blate. If you decide on a whim to vacation to coastal Texas, look me up... we'll be awkward and casually dressed together. :)

  16. Ummm, hellooo... totally living in OH now :) Yup, it's official as of last week! Yippee!

  17. Lovely blog, my dear. Would u like to follow each other?


  18. I WANT TO BLATE YOUUU! Sorry Caleb, I want to take her out on her next date! ;)


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