Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday funnnn!

Waaddduppp ladies? So, yesterday I got to have a half day off work since I had my annual doctors appointment, and my doctor surprised me by sticking a needle in my arm. YAY! ...... not. It's not like I'm scared of needles, but I can't say I'm a fan of something breaking through the surface of my skin and injecting what feels like a bee stinger inside of me. & now I have another appointment in February, gotta love em. Ahh the joys of womanhood...

ANYWAY-- I got way off topic there, sorry guys! So, it's Wednesday morning, and my funny friend Amanda wanted to do a blog swap/guest post. So, after reading below about her and all of her awesomeness... head on over to her blog, and read my guest post. You never know what new things you could learn about me? ;) I'm full of interesting facts................. promise.

Meet, Amanda.


Hi guys, I am Amanda from this IS my real hair!
I know that we just met, and this is crazy? but I am a very honest person,
so I feel like I have to share this with you right from the beginning:
I hate it when people say that guest posts suck!
"oh I know guest posts suck... but I'm going to write one anyway"
listen dude, if your guest posts suck, stop writing them!
mine is about to be awesome, and we are about to become BFFs.
[also... the pictures in this post have nothing to do with what I'm writing about. don't judge me.]

Kayla and I recently met through this little blog world we find ourselves in.
I can only imagine that she had been stalking me for awhile before making contact.
she seemed to know an awful lot about my life when she first reached out to me.
which hey, can you blame her? probably not at all. I'm a good person to stalk.
why? because my blog is completely random. for real.
the only thing you can really count on is Ticked Off Tuesday and some cuss words.
I am working on the swearing... but life long habits are hard to break!!

anyway, Kayla is wonderful, but we... well we are not very similar at all.
she is cute, polite, and positive. and of course her blog reflects all that.
I, on the other hand, am not sure anyone has ever used those words to discribe me...
my blog is sometimes negative, but don't panic, it is always entertaining!
we do have some things in common:
  1. we are working out hardcore to get healthy and feel good about ourselves. um also we want to be skinny...
  2. our posts are always honest and reflect our true selves. we don't try to change to get more readers.
  3. we rock a sexy pair of fake lashes
  4. we both have amazing men in our lives, and we aren't scared to admit, that we would be lost without them!

alright, I will wrap this up now before my guest post does suck.
I hope to see you guys over in my neck of the woods!

XXO Amanda


 See? She's pretty awesome, eh? Go follow her! ;)


  1. this guest post definitely did NOT suck!! headed over to read yours now :)

  2. I"m going to have to check out her blog!!

    Why did they stick you, Kayla??!

  3. haha, I'll defintiely check out her blog because that post was pretty hilarious.


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