Monday, May 1, 2017

Work, relax, play, repeat.

This past weekend went way too quickly. Isn't that how they all go?! We had ourselves a pretty eventful weekend, and they always say - time flies when you're having fun. So, I can't complain!

Before I left work Friday, Caleb had convinced me that we were going to treat ourselves to some Chinese take out since we'd been pretty good all week... so of course, my mind was dead set on getting my crab rangoon. So when I come home and see seasoned chicken ready for the grill, I quickly realized he had sabotaged our cheat-night and was going full blown healthy on me with a grilled chicken salad. I have to say, I was temporarily bummed because my heart was set on take-out, but man this salad was delish and I'm glad he made that healthy decision for us! We stayed in and relaxed the entire evening with a movie night.

Saturday was one of the earlier days we'd have to work this year, and one of the longest, but man was it awesome. We were pretty nervous because we woke up to our phones blasting an "Emergency Flash Flood Warning", which is never something you want to hear right before you photograph a wedding! I prayed and prayed and crossed all my fingers and toes that it would turn into a beautiful day, and you guys, it totally did! Andrew & Elisa were just so excited to get married and finally see each other, they weren't concerned with the weather at all. It reminded me that regardless of what the weather will do or what hiccups may arise, when you have two people who love each other that much, nothing else matters!

PS you're going to lose it when you see his reaction to her walking down the aisle (even after a first look prior). I MAY have cried, too.

It was a crazy long day and even with a slight migraine that I got halfway through, it was totally worth it when I saw a text from Elisa come through the day after with nothing but amazing things to say. Those day-after thank you's will NEVER get old! They truly keep us going, some days!

Sunday was seriously jam packed, but seriously awesome. We had a great morning at church, and a productive afternoon (groceries, Caleb's haircut, ran some errands) before a fun evening out with some people from church. We bought tickets nearly two months ago for The Outcry Tour (a concert put on by Elevation Worship, Lauren Daigle, Jesus Culture and one of my favorite pastors/speakers; Steven Furtick)! We stopped at Eli's BBQ (local friends: it was SO GOOD!!!) for dinner before hand!

The concert was incredible. It's so amazing to be in a room with thousands of believers, worshipping our great God. There were many points of the night I was in tears, just so overwhelmed! The evening did not disappoint and we all had such a great time. The late bedtime is rough on me this Monday morning, but I've got coffee in hand so I can tackle it.

Hope you had a great weekend, too! Tell me about it!


  1. That salad looks amazing! Go Caleb for making a delicious and healthy dinner to kick off the weekend!! THOSE PICTURES!!!! Beautiful bride and wedding party- I love her dress. So glad the weather cooperated for y'all. And that BBQ plate looks delicious, so jealous of that concert! It sounds like y'all had a blast. Hope you have a great rest of your Monday!! :)

  2. We had Eli's at Findlay this week for the first time. It was SO GOOD and I'm already dying to have it again! Outcry Tour sounds amazing. I would have loved to have seen Lauren Daigle especially! Hope you have a good Monday!

  3. Who doesn't love a great chicken salad...granted crab rangoon would have been good too but your BBQ made up for it all :)

    What's your photography website again? I'd love to see the wedding pictures as a whole.

  4. oh my goodness, that concert/event sounds incredible!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Elevation Worship music and have all their albums! What an awesome opportunity to get to go!

    And, the pictures are gorgeous! LOVE his reaction to her :) SO PRECIOUS!

  5. Yum to the chicken salad, I would have been disappointed too, but thank you for healthy husbands, hehe.

  6. That salad looks so good! The couple looks so sweet. Him crying definitely would've made me cry if I was there. It made me teary just looking at it.

  7. The concert sounds amazing! I'm so glad that the wedding wasn't affected by the flooding! What a beautiful couple!

  8. My weekend was not my fave. Friday night was fun, because my husband came home from a business trip and we went out to eat at Sauce (a pizza/salad place near us) and saw The Circle (good but the book was great). Saturday morning I woke up with the worst sore throat of my life! I went to one of those clinics in a grocery store and was diagnosed with strep! We had planned to do a ton of errands on Saturday to get ready for me to be out of town for the next twelve days for work and personal travel! Ugh. I'm pleased to say that antibiotics are amazing and I now feel much better, two days into this trip. I'm looking forward to a low key, non-sick weekend once I'm back home! :)


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