Friday, April 7, 2017


I'm so thankful that it's Friday! We're not booked to photograph a wedding tomorrow so that means we said "yes" to ourselves and promised each other an afternoon to refresh and I'm excited to spend that time with my man doing whatever we feel like! This week was a busy (but great) one, and I've consumed more overly creamed-coffee than usual!

As most of you read my sister-in-love's blog, you know they are in the middle of packing up their lives and building a new home! Since our schedules don't really allow us to be much help in the packing department, we swung by on Monday to drop them off some dinner and hang for a bit! It was fun to be in their home one final time! Sure, we've made tons of memories in that home of theirs, but we know we're guaranteed to make a million more in their new one!!

You know we had to snag a crazy, frazzled selfie. Caleb snapped 4 and this was probably the only semi normal one ;)

The weather here in Ohio is truly insane. One day it's BEAUTIFUL and mid 70's, then the next it looks like the sky is falling and we're hearing reports of hail! I definitely took advantage of the amazing weather while we had it and took a long lunch break walk! This park smelled of nothing but fresh cut grass and I'm telling ya, I could've stayed there forever.

I'm leaving work early today to drive down in KY and photograph Caleb's cousin's wedding. We're so excited we get to witness the ceremony, because it's such a small, intimate gathering, that we wouldn't have been there otherwise! Afterwards we'll sneak away with the two of them for some portraits, then it's time for a delicious dinner! I'm excited for a night out with family!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead of them! :)


  1. Oh so jealous of that nice walking weather. I think Michigan might finally get some for the next couple of days (then back to 40s and rain). Hope your weekend is great - how special that you can be part of your cousin's special ceremony in that way.

  2. The weather has been impossible to enjoy!! The weekends are always nice but then Monday rolls around and the skies open up and it's either raining, really windy or spitting hail. What gives, Ohio?

  3. Enjoy every second this weekend, and yay for Erin's big move. So exciting! Hoping the weather is better and no longer scary. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. THE WEATHER THOUGH. Tornados and thunderstorms and sunshine and snow all in one week. That green grass is gorgeous! I want to go have a picnic on it.

  5. We have been having the same weather here in crazy!! Woo hoo for saying "yes" to yourselves...enjoy every second!! How fun that y'all get to shoot y'all's cousins wedding, so special. Hope y'all have a great weekend! :)

  6. You 4 always looks like so much fun! Every time I see pictures/read about your time together I think about how awesome it must be to not only be that close as siblings, but to also be so close as in-laws to. If I ever marry someone with siblings I think it'd be so cool if it were even remotely like that. Have a great weekend!

  7. That picture of the park is seriously amazing. I want to be there right now! It's been cold and rainy in PA this week but it looks like this weekend and next week are supposed to be really nice so I hope we've officially turned the corner to spring! Have a wonderful weekend!


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