Monday, April 3, 2017

Bring it on, April!

Friday night Caleb had planned a hot date for us. To be totally honest, it had been a while since we'd been out on a REAL, planned date! We honestly just love being home on Friday evenings (since we are used to working quite a few Saturdays per month), but this was such a nice change of pace. We had the best meal and then we walked around the town shops before seeing Beauty and the Beast!

The movie was AMAZING. I thought they did such a great job with all the songs, the outfits, and just the overall movie itself. It was comical, dramatic, romantic; everything you could want from a movie! I'm so thankful for this man of mine, we had the best night together!

Saturday we had a wedding to photograph - yes, on April fools day! This couple was hilarious. They were full of jokes and tricks the entire day. Ashley put on a fake beard for their first look, Dustin came INTO their reception in a T-rex costume, and for their cake smash they asked the bridal party to surround them during it, and smashed THEM instead of each other. It was so easy photographing these two because they were all smiles, ALL DAY!! :)

Ashley was a bridesmaid in one of the first weddings we ever photographed, so it was fun to see some familiar faces throughout the day, and at the reception! :)

Sunday Caleb and I went to the early service at church and did some meal prep for the week. We also spent some time walking to/from the park and playing frisbee golf. I'm not very good at it, but it's fun to get outside and be active! We had such beautiful weather yesterday here in Cincinnati, we just had to enjoy it!

Today the office is pretty empty, as it's Opening Day! Cincinnati takes this day VERY seriously. It's crazy how many people will take the day off work and celebrate. Although, I did do the same a few years ago because my brother was playing in the parade! That was such a cool moment that I'll never forget!

Today is ALSO a very special day! It's my Great Grandma Agnes' birthday, as well as my friend Anna's birthday! :) so thankful for both of these amazing ladies in my life.

I hope you have a fantastic week, friends! Make it a great one! I have really high hopes for April and can't wait to get going on all my goals, etc.!


  1. That wedding sounds incredibly fun!!!! Love her dress and that last picture of them!! We love being home on Friday nights's just so relaxing after a long week lol. So fun that your city makes opening day a big deal!!!! I wish Nashville did something like that. Happy birthday to you great grandma and friend, Anna! HAPPY MONDAY! :)

  2. Yay for date night! I still need to see Beauty and the Beast, and as a huge Harry Potter fan I can't wait to see Emma Watson in this role <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Yay for your date! They sound like such a fun couple!! Have a great week!

  4. Wasn't Beauty and the Beast SO good??? I loved it so much! And that couple sounds so fun to photograph!

  5. So fun! Lovely photos from the wedding. That is so funny about all the jokes. I love it!

  6. What a fun date night! I LOVED Beauty and the Beast too. I thought the scenery of the town was gorgeous - I want to live there lol! You need to share a pic of the bride and groom smashing the cake on their bridal party!

  7. They definitely look/sound like a fun-loving couple haha! I guess if you're going to get married on April 1 you might as well play it up ;) So glad you guys got a good date night in!!

  8. The cardinals opener was at night for the first time in who knows how long! They beat those cubbies!!

  9. The wedding sounds like SO much fun! My Twins are 2-0 for the first time in a VERY long time!


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