Monday, March 27, 2017

Our weekend!

Hi, friends! Thanks for all your well wishes last week. His Grandmother's funeral was beautiful, and it was nice to hear so many wonderful stories about her over the years. She was one special lady! Please keep Caleb and his family in your thoughts and prayers as everyone goes back to reality today and tries to continue moving forward :)

Thursday evening I started to feel a little tickle in my throat, but nothing too terrible, so I just shook it off and thought it was nothing. Turns out I felt TERRIBLE when I woke up on Friday, but I trekked into work anyway. My boss took one quick look at me and sent me home. It was definitely for the best, since we had a wedding to photograph on Saturday and I needed to rest up and get better!

I'll be honest, since I was so sick, I didn't feel like being anywhere but my bed all day with some hot tea and  a serious amount of cough drops! But once we arrived at the hotel on Saturday to start photographing, we had a great day with everyone. Bright (yes, coolest name ever) was such a stunning bride, she seriously was so chill the whole day; nothing could stress her out! She and Evan were so obviously in love -- it's always easy to capture people like them!

Thank goodness for Caleb. I couldn't raise my voice for this crowd to save my life (as far as directing full bridal party shots/etc.), so he was definitely a life saver all day! He always is. I really can't imaging photographing with anyone but him. He just gets me, and knows exactly what I need!

Sunday was pretty relaxing. We had a consultation in the morning, and I was able to score a bowl of my favorite soup (broccoli cheddar from Panera - woo woo)! We didn't have youth group that evening so we watched an unhealthy amount of Netflix and became couch potatoes while the rain kept on outside, and I didn't hate one minute of it.

Have a great week, friends!


  1. Your bride is stunning! I always enjoy seeing your photos on here :) We've had the icky cold and stomach flu rotate through all 3 of us twice this month, it's been awful. We know how you feel! Hopefully you feel better soon!!

  2. I hope you're feeling better! I understand those days where you muster every bit of strength to go into work, and then get sent home--there's that relief mixed with "Well, at least I tried" haha. Absolutely beautiful photos (love her dress!). Sounds like a wonderful Sunday afternoon, especially for a rainy day.

  3. oh you poor thing, hope you're feeling better now. the bride is absolutely gorgeous, and they look so happy!

  4. Love your sweet brides name & oh my gosh do I love those pictures!! I'm so sorry that you were sick, but hope you're feeling better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Swooning over that bride's dress! I hope you're feeling better!!

  6. I like that girls name - I know a guy named Shine, wouldn't that be an interesting combo? ;)

  7. Bright is such a cool name! She was a stunning bride. Love those bridesmaid dress colors too!!


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