Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Spring List!

I could really get used to these warmer temps! It's so cool how each season brings its own bit of goodness. I love Summer for its sunshine and late nights. I love Fall for its chilly temps and blanket scarves. I love Winter for the snowfall and the holidays.

BUT! There is always something so magical about Spring. All the dead stuff comes back to life, the sun stays out later and the temperatures slowly begin to rise back to a comfortable, breezy level! Since I haven't written a goals post in a while I figured I'd make a loose list for the season of Spring!

Ease back into running || I used to run ALL. THE. TIME. I loved it, and I really do miss it! So this Spring I'd like to ease my way back into it and hit the pavement some! No real pressure, just going to try and enjoy it!

Make more breakfast || Caleb and I absolutely LOVE having breakfast for dinner, and my Breakfast board on Pinterest makes me drool anytime I look at it, so I need to start trying some of them!

Get crafting || I feel like back in my high school days (and even early college) I was super crafty. Always DIYing something, making a collage, some decoration for my room etc., and I miss it! This Spring I want to pick a couple of fun projects and make one or two of them happen!

Get a new bathing suit || I've been really dying to get an adorable one piece (they have come a logn way since early 2000's) or a high-waist two piece. I love the styles of these and this site has SO MANY cute ones!

Restore some old photos || Looking through old photos is probably one of my favorite things to do, hands down. But when you think about it - those old film photos are the only copies we have! I can't imagine not having them! I want to be able to look back on these for years and years. I'd like to start a project of converting my families old film memories we have to a digital copy (I've heard FotoBridge is a great company to use)!

Plan a fun date night || Whether it's a date night in, or a fun night out on the town, I need a reason to get my creative juices going again!

Make more time for reading || Both my Bible, and books. I own an insane amount of books and my list never ends, gotta start putting a dent in it!

Send some snail mail || This is another one of my favorite things to do! No need for a special occasion, "just because" mail is the best!

Be more consistent || With my exercises, and with my eating healthy, with my journaling, etc.! When I do these things, I just feel a lot more confident and happy, and that's always a plus!

I hope the weather continues to be awesome and warm and full of sunshine! Spring is absolutely one of my favorite seasons and it just gives me a renewed sense of hope and excitement! I'd love to know what's on YOUR Spring to-do list this season!


  1. I want a cute one piece too!!! (Even though my husband will not like it!) haha.

  2. That swimsuit is super cute! I love breakfast too. It's my favorite type of food. I need to start making it more for supper since I never give myself enough time in the morning to make real breakfast.

  3. DROOLING over your breakfast and brunch board!

  4. UGH! I need a new bathing suit so bad- and I want a one-piece or maybe a tankini style one. I want a nice one that's affordable haha, is that too much to ask!? Also, we are having breakfast for dinner tonight and I am so pumped. It's been awhile for us!

  5. How cute is that suit?! And YES to breakfast for dinner - yum <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Love everything you said about each season, because it's all soooo true!!!! So excited to see the bright colors and leaves on trees's the little things lol. I think we have breakfast for dinner at least once a week...just because it's so, so cheap and easy to throw together. Of course, it's very simple breakfast (eggs and bacon sandwiches), so I need to branch out and make fun breakfast dinners lol. I'm going to look at your breakfast Pinterest board now!!

  7. What a fun list! I love being able to take my dog on more walks now that it is warming up. Also breakfast for dinner is best!

  8. I need a swimsuit for next month so I'm going to jump over and check out that site.

  9. Restoring old photos is a great idea!!

  10. oooh that one piece is so cute! i will have to check out that site. i need to be more consistent in pretty much everything as well lol.


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