Thursday, January 26, 2017

Things I'm Loving {Volume 6}

Since I'm the worst blogger in history and I have no prompts ready like ever, I decided to come back with my 6th edition of Things I'm Loving. See the latest one here!

-Today is my sweet friend Ashley's birthday! Ashley was my first official blog friend back in late 2012 - crazy to think it's been so long! I'm so thankful for our conversations (both fun and sometimes deep), for her honest love of all things chocolate and how adorably stylish she is! I hope its the best one yet, pretty girl!

-The most amazing (and definitely not healthy, don't judge, we had family over) meal I made on Monday; Chicken Alfredo Bake. Even my picky younger cousin LOVED it and grabbed seconds. I was pretty proud! Recipe can be found via Buzzfeed here! Pin this, like right now! You won't be sorry.

-My SIL's snapchats of my sweet nephew...I mean, he's the cutest kid alive. #notbiased

-The Golden State Warriors. I have to say, a few years ago I never liked the NBA that much...but once Caleb decided on a basketball team to like back in 2013 and I was forced to watch it...I really started to like it ;) it's fun to have sports we can watch together when Football is over!

-That although our schedule took our lives over like crazy this week and busy-ness got in the way of working out the last few days, I'm not falling off the wagon! For the most part, we've stayed pretty healthy this week and are picking back up the cardio workout tonight! Woo!

-Finally getting my hair done last week, it always feels so great to get pampered!

-The new young adult group that Caleb and I are leading. It's been so great to not only be challenged in our faith, but also be able to sit around with these friends for literally hours and just talk about movies and TV. We walked out of Panera around 8:30 last night but stood outside and continued to talk for nearly an hour, ha! Those are my favorite conversations!

-Daily inspiration snapchats with's been great to keep each other motivated this new year and to also give each other grace when we've sucked ;)

-This song. I love when Caleb will sing in the shower upstairs and I can hear him belting this out while I make dinner. Such an amazing song!

-Hacksaw Ridge. I know I said it yesterday but seriously. Go watch!

I am so thankful for a night at home tonight. The last few nights have just been go-go-go, and while it's been so much fun, we're a little exhausted. Our plan is to go for a run, make a good dinner together and just unwind with a good book afterward. I seriously cannot wait! Hope everyone has a great day and an even better weekend planned ahead!


  1. A former GSW is from STL and made himself known in this area - David Lee. He's now with the Spurs and I don't watch basketball but its cool to say I knew a player.

  2. I make a similar chicken alfredo bake but I add broccoli and only use one layer of cheese, it's so delicious! Lingering/unplanned conversations are the best. Enjoy your evening of rest & relaxation!

  3. Hacksaw Ridge was so awesome - so gory and emotional, but such a great movie!

  4. I still haven't seen Hacksaw Ridge but it looks so good!

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