Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Things I'm Loving {Volume 5}

Random posts are my favorite. Months ago I wrote a post called "Things I'm Loving", and it consists of any thing I've seen/bought/heard about that I've liked (most recent here). It's always been well received and I figured with all the holidays, its as good a time as any for an update on some recent thing I'm loving!

-The progress we've made on our portfolio/website. Caleb and I have been working tirelessly on all things business and re-editing some older photos to be more consistent with how we want our brand represented. I wrote down 6 or 7 words that I wanted people to feel/describe as they looked through our portfolio and basically everyone I asked yesterday hit the nail on the head with their descriptions - which lets me know we're doing a good job. Here's a sneak peek of our portfolio.

-This tried and true sheet pan dinner. It's on a weekly rotation in our household because it's so inexpensive, so easy, and so so tasty!

-French vanilla coffee when I get next to no sleep. Caleb and I really need a new mattress, but we're trying to put it off until we start house hunting next year! But seriously, I can't seem to get comfortable enough to fall asleep anymore!

-Our itty bitty Christmas tree. It's just a thin, 6 foot tree, but we love it so much! I asked Caleb the other day if he thinks we'll ever get a real one, and we both just weren't sure. I grew up getting real Christmas trees, and always loved the smell, but man it was a lot of work to keep clean!

-Our ornaments. We don't have a TON, but I love going to new places and collecting new ornaments. I basically get Caleb a new ornament or two every year, and last year I got him this Olaf one so we finally had that to put on our tree. This year, I gifted him one early, and it was hand made by my friend Kaitlin! It reminded us of the Bengals (despite how terrible they are doing this year, we still love them).

-Snapchat and its new filters every day. It's been like two years and I still can't get enough.

-Unblemish. No, I don't sell it and no I don't get paid to say this. This stuff has changed my life. I still break out, as a 25 year old, and it sucks. So a few months ago I re ordered this stuff I used a few years ago and now I'm wondering why I ever stopped in the first place. I've legitimately never left my house without at least a little concealer on, and guys I left the house the other day with ZERO MAKE UP ON. Because my skin feels SMOOTH and clear for once! I'm so happy. Worth every penny.
-How beautiful our world is. Sure, we live in some dark times; with attacks, wild fires, and shootings, but to see everyone come together after a tragedy is always so moving.

-Shopping small. Being a part of a local group of creatives has been so much fun! I've met a lot of new ladies and its cool to bounce ideas off of people who get it! I bought this print from a local gal, Jen, and she's the sweetest! I used to have to convince myself of this all the time when I'd be running for what seemed like forever "you can do this, Kayla!!" it only seemed fitting!

-This precious video of a bear who won't let go of the hero who saved him from the TN fire this week. Seriously, my heart is melting.

-Free square prints from Parabo Press for first time users using the code: "FIRST"! I'm excited about this, especially with Christmas right around the corner!

-How well one of my fantasy teams is doing this year. I held the #1 spot up until this week! Now if only I can win once we get to the playoffs!

I hope everyone has a great week. Go ahead and tell me below ONE THING you are loving, lately! Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the suggestion of the one pan dinner. It looks easy and I will try it out! On the bed front... I am located in the same area as you and have recently become mildly obsessed with these auction websites. There are several in the Dayton/Cinci areas. I'd recommend or They are like ebay in that you input your highest bid then it automatically increases for you, but you need to pick up the items in person (no shipping). I bought a brand new memory foam queen sized mattress for $52 including the fees (the site charges your bid + taxes + 17%). I've bought all kinds of other items, mostly housewares, like the bed frame for the same matress, a headboard, and new living room chairs. They have all kinds of other stuff, food, clothing, computers, it's all really random. Would definitely suggest looking into it!

    1. That is too funny! My husband loves those auction websites! He's used before, and also one called "Fast Track It", I think. We've definitely gotten some good items before from there so we'll keep that in mind! I hope you like the one-pan dinner, its delish!!

  2. How cute is that Olaf ornament? Yay for all the success coming your way with your business, wishing you continued happiness and growth in the coming year <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Love that Olaf ornament! :) Some of our Disney ones are my faves too! And I love the one your friend made, that is so pretty! Also, how do I get the free square prints?? I clicked on the link but I just see the full price?

  4. i CANNOT wait to stalk your website and portfolio and be a cheerleader for you form afar!!! ;) Golly, you two are filled to the BRIM with talent!

    That print is allllllllll the heart eyes!

  5. Your portfolio is looking great! I'm thinking pan dinner is going to have to happen next week. This week I was all about the soup.

  6. Your website/brand is simply stunning friend. I am so excited for you to unveil it all so we can see it in all of it's glory!! I am a HUGE unblemish fan also! I promised myself before this sweet baby girl arrives that I will have pretty skin so I'm not one of those people with a full face of makeup running down my face the day we meet her. haha I want to try another line but I'm scared to leave my unblemish just yet.

  7. We have been talking about getting a new mattress too!! Matt really wants a Sleep Number, but the price scares me. They had some great Black Friday sales but we didn't jump on them, but I am hoping they might have more sales after the new year. We are currently sleeping on an Ikea mattress Matt got during college, and we both wake up aching every morning! We definitely need to do something!

  8. We have a small christmas tree too. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now, it's a-okay with us!

  9. Love love your portfolio! So exciting!

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