Thursday, September 1, 2016

Things I'm Loving {Volume 4}

See my first few herehere and here! I love the randomness that these kind of posts bring...and I always love sharing them! Whether it be an interesting article, a new snack I found, a friends blog post, or anything, really! So here we go with...things I'm loving...

-This awesome work/life balance planner Erin and Jared snagged me for my birthday. I love that it looks at the whole picture of your week (mentally/spiritually/physically). It helps me lay out our meals for the week, and has a small goal section at the bottom. I like to hang it on the fridge! You know I'm in love!

-My sweet friend Ashley's EXCITING news on expecting their 4th babe!!

-Stumble Upon. I spent way too many late nights in college gawking at random links and now I'm addicted again. Whoops!

-This weather today. Mid 70's ALL DAY LONG. Hallelujah!

-This budgeting site by Dave Ramsey's crew. This is similar to, for those of you who have used that! I haven't looked too much into the differences between this site and Mint, but I'm basically a fan of anything Dave does!

-That in less than two months, we'll be on vacation. Seriously, can it just be late October already?! My family has been looking forward to this for what seems like years!

-Loft gift cards...that can be used on a get lots of awesome stuff.

-This article about 11 foods that can help you sleep better! Lord knows I need it! I have the hardest time falling asleep at night.

-My family. My mom is coming into town (her time in TX has come to an end) tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited to squeeze her!

-My journal. There's just something therapeutic about putting pen to paper. I love this blog of mine, especially for all that I've been able to document over the years, but really nothing beats an uninterrupted hour of writing whatever is on your heart while you're curled up under a blanket.

-Shooting weddings with my man...and finding photos like these while culling.
this was from one of our first weddings in 2013!
-Bengals games! #Whodey!! I know its still preseason (seriously NFL get with it - the pre-season should be a tad shorter, too many injuries!!!), but I get to go to the game tonight with an old friend and I'm so excited! I haven't seen her in so long so it'll be great to catch up and hopefully see some good plays!

-Disney's SALE today! Go go go!

-These running stickers my SIL designed for their etsy shop!

-Hitting the gym more often with my man. We're trying to keep it consistent by going 3x/week to get back into our old routine. I'm also ready to up my game by waking up a bit earlier to do some cardio! Wedding weight, here I come!

What about you? What are a few things you're loving lately? Have a great Thursday!


  1. Any idea where they got your planner?! :)

    1. Hi Lindsay! It's more of a weekly planner pad, but its amazing! Here is the link:

  2. Wedding weight. Ah the thing my dreams are made of ... well that and cheese. and potatoes. hm. bout that... :)

  3. Your love of Disney (Erin's too!) is so deep. I just can't get on board.

  4. You have amazing handwriting! I have an account on mint but I haven't looked at it in a good month or 2. I need to get back on that. Yay for upcoming vacations & sales!!

  5. So whats the recipe for those loaded Mexican nachos? ;)

  6. Yay for your mom coming back! I get to see mine this weekend and am pretty pumped about that! What a cute planner/pad - I need something where I can see a weekly view instead of just day by day.

  7. So glad you're enjoying the planner pad- even if there was a little mishap with it ;)

  8. Those photos of you at your first wedding are hysterical! I loved them! Also, I need to check out that post on foods that will help you sleep! I have crazy insomnia lately and I really hate it :(

  9. That planner pad is so cool! I'm not a planner person--I've tried!--but if I were, I'd snag that for sure! I LOVE those pictures of you dancing! So great!

  10. I need to try eating some of those foods that help you sleep! And yay for seeing your mom again!! :)

  11. I’m loving that work/life balance planner! Do you know where your friends got it? Jake and I need a new weekly calendar on our fridge, and this would be PERFECT.

    Pre-seasons should definitely be shorter. I’m a big football fan, but pre-season just isn’t the same.

    Love these kind of posts, thanks for sharing!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’


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