Friday, September 2, 2016

Well that was awesome.

Last night I touched the turf of the Bengals field! It was kind of a freaking incredible experience. Yeah yeah, its only pre season, but it was pretty awesome, still, and I'm not ashamed with my level of excitement! ;)

My old college friend Olivia asked me to join her for the game, and I hadn't seen her in years! It was honestly just such a great time seeing her and getting to catch up. I actually was there to capture when her then-boyfriend proposed to her back in 2013! Such a sweet moment that I was thankful to be a part of!

So last night, I picked her up, we grabbed Chickfila, then headed down to the stadium. It was so surreal to be standing literally 10 feet from some of these amazing athletes (hello Tyler Eifert. hello AJ Green, hello Tyler Boyd)...

Although the game wasn't amazing, it was still so fun to be there. We truly couldn't have asked for better weather. At kickoff, it was low 70's and felt amazing. Really put me in the mood for Fall. Too bad the temps this weekend and next week will be high 80's/low 90's.

So that concludes my friday was basically the highlight of my week so that's all I've got! Hope everyone gets to enjoy a nice LONG weekend! We have one wedding tomorrow but we're extra thankful for the Monday that we get off to spend together.

Make it count, friends!


  1. Nothing too exciting planned this weekend for me, hopefully getting ahead with my blogtember posts & lunch with my work momma, and more than likely binging as much Madam Secretary as possible!

  2. Okay that is so fun! Great pics. And your hair looks super cute too :)

  3. What an exciting Thursday night!!!! I bet that was so awesome, and how nice of her to invite you! Glad you had a great time! :)

  4. Okay, that is awesome! I'm obsessed with mascots because I'm 12 years old so even a picture with the mascot would make a game awesome for me, but this is a whole other level!!

  5. How fun!! I'm surprised you never did that with Erin and her involvement with them.

    1. Haha oh gosh no she hooked us up all the time! Like, constantly! But also Caleb and Jared usually went together to those things!

  6. Your love of football only depends my love for you. Bonus love since you cheer for the RIGHT team.

  7. Oh hey there AJ Green… I would have peed my pants being on the field that close to these players. I say that jokingly but I’m pretty darn serious. How exciting you got the chance to do that!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

  8. know how jealous I am, so I don't even think I need to say anything else. HOW AWESOME?!


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