Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Suck & Sweet {when vacation gets cancelled}

A while back, Shelley posted a prompt called "suck & sweet" and it was all about taking a negative, and putting a positive spin on it, and I could really use a shift in perspective today so here goes!

Suck: soooo vacation was supposed to be next week. Well, it's cancelled...for the meantime. Long story short, Hilton Head was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew and it wouldn't have been the relaxing, enjoyable, easy going vacation we'd hoped for, so unfortunately we've been forced to postpone. We're super bummed, but trying to remain positive about it!
Sweet: now Caleb and I just have some extra days off work that we get to figure out what to do with. Bonus that we weren't THERE while the hurricane hit!

Suck: not being on a beach next week
Sweet: possibly treating myself to a massage or manicure to soften the pain ;)

Suck: not getting to pack vacations bag now.
Sweet: not having to rush to finish all the laundry before this weekend.

Suck: not getting to nap on the beach
Sweet: having an excuse to post this cute picture of my man

Suck: when ALL of your cameras start acting up within a few months of each other
Sweet: justifying buying some upgraded cameras! Woo woo! This is long overdue and I am SO excited!

Suck: breaking a coffee mug at work
Sweet: finding an awesome mug and wanting to buy 20 of them to replace it

Suck: TRYING to be healthy but bagels are in the break room
Sweet: convincing myself who gives a crap and that I deserve one

Suck: feeling behind on edits
Sweet: getting a LOT of free time coming up to make up for it

Suck: having to drive an hour home after a hair appointment
Sweet: not caring because you finally feel like YOURSELF again after those ugly roots found their way out!

I hope everyone has a great day. Sure, it may not go as planned, but you've got this! Roll with the punches!


  1. So sorry to hear about your vacation!! That really does suck. But I love all your "sweets". I'm sure you will have a great week off!

  2. What a bummer about your vacation, I know you were so excited! BUT I love that you found the positive in it! Time off work is great, even if it's just a staycation. :)

  3. Your hair selfie is super cute. Sorry about the vacation. I really love this post idea though & all of your positives on the sucky things in life.

  4. So sorry to hear about your vacation :( I saw HHI got hit hard and the pictures/videos are just so sad! Hopefully y'all will be able to make it back there one day soon!! Hoping you and Caleb find some fun things to do with your days off together!! :) Love your hair, lady!

  5. sorry to hear about your vacation but sometimes staycations can be way more relaxing ;)

    I love that mug so so much!!!!

  6. Your hair looks amazing! I'm so sorry about your vacation..hopefully you guys will still enjoy your time off!

  7. oh, such a bummer about vacation being postponed, how horrible they were hit so hard with the hurricane :( that last picture of you is so cute - your hair looks fabulous! sucks about the cameras but YAY for buying new ones! mmm bagels. enjoy your free time as much as you can!

  8. Love your hair! And what a cute mug, I need that in my life haha!

  9. So sorry about your vacation. I know you were looking forward to that.
    I first heard about the "Suck/Sweet" in a book that Colleen Hoover wrote called Slammed. They did Suck/Sweet at dinner most night and was fun to read. Love the blog version of it too!

  10. Oh nooooo!!!! So sorry about the vacation! I know that is a super bummer, but I love how you are still able to be your silver-lining self and see some good in it :) Y'all will get to spend time together which is the BEST part!

    Also. That mug. Need. That is all.

  11. UGH i was wondering if you guys would still get to go ... HHI got whacked pretty good. Such a bummer!

  12. What a bummer about your vacation! Hopefully you can really relax next week! Sometimes a few days home with no agenda are just perfect!

  13. Hey, you gotta stop and eat the bagel once in a while. Not to be morbid, but there are plenty of ways to die which don't involve your diet. If you're in a car accident or a plane crash, will it matter if you skipped the bagel? My husband had a favorite coffee mug that he never let any of his ex-girlfriends touch. Guess who broke it.

  14. My Secret Pal at work got me that mug and I love it but I also love Parks and Rec so it is even more perfect and to add a cherry on top she filled it with chocolate. Sorry about the vacation but it is so wonderful that you are finding the joy.

  15. Love this idea! So glad your sweets can soften the blow of your sucks.

  16. We missed a hurricane when we were there too. I was worried sick up to the point of when we were supposed to leave but then God knew this Momma needed a break so He made things happen in my favor :)

  17. Ugh that stinks!! We just returned from the Outer Banks, they got hit by the hurricane too but it wasn't too bad. Some flooding and stuff - but nothing really affected us - thank the lord! We waited until the last day to decide if we were still going, and I'm glad we still went. But - you're right - you can just have a staycation - or go somewhere else? Who says you could ONLY vacation in Hilton Head...amiright?


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