Thursday, October 20, 2016


Happy Thursday friends! The past 24 hours have been crazy. First we had to make the decision to cancel our vacation last minute, THEN we decided to finally make an investment in our business by upgrading our cameras/gear and THEN!!!! We made the purchase of said gear and OMG we couldn't be happier. This calls for a quick post of serious happies:

-TODAY IS BECKY'S BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so thankful for blogging for bringing us together, and that first time she took a chance and hopped on a plane to spend a weekend in Cincy! Becky, thanks for being such a great friend, for your constant optimism, random snapchats and encouraing notes. Love you!! Enjoy your day, you absolutely deserve it!

-Caleb put a #wcw of me on his instagram yesterday and my mom commented and said "west coast wild?!??" and it made me laugh out loud.

-My new camera is making me so happy and I feel like Christmas came early!!! Cannot wait to show you guys some photos once we play around some more!

-Looking forward to a possible post-Christmas mini getaway in the snow with my man!

-Having only a 6 hour wedding booked Saturday. After the long year we've had, we're excited to make the most of our time on Saturday with this beautiful couple. Their bridal party is all of their children, and we're just so excited! Small weddings kind of make my heart sing.

-Speaking of weddings, only 4 more this year! I do love my brides and grooms, but man, I'm exhausted! One of them is in Nashville, which means a fun weekend away for us!!

-Finding a Kohls gift card in your purse. I know most people spend them right away, but for some reason I like to save them, which leads to kind of forgetting they are there, and being surprised all over again once I find them!

-Realizing the office reordered my favorite french vanilla coffee. YAY!

Hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. No more vacation?? Yay on the new equipment, though!

  2. Nashville for a wedding sounds so much fun! Sad that you had to cancel your vacation, but so great that you still get the reward of new equipment!

  3. I love finding a gift card that I forgot about! Hope the wedding this weekend goes smoothly and enjoy that new camera!!

  4. i wish i could save gift cards, but somehow i accidentally spend them immediately. haha. yay for a possible christmas vacation, how exciting! and double yay for new equipment, how exciting!

  5. I LOVE saving gift cards! I always forget about them and then it's like treasure!

  6. I am so bad with gift cards. I usually spend them with 24-36 hours of receiving them.

  7. I am cracking up at west coast wild. That's so funny!! Enjoy that new camera!!!

  8. Ahhhhh thanks so much for the birthday shoutout!!! I need to get back on another plane to Cincy SOOON!! Hahaha I love your moms comment - something mine would say too! Eeeek your new cameras get alllll the heart eye emojis! What a worthwhile investment!!! Have a great weekend friend!!!!

  9. West coast wild....hahaha! That's hilarious. Whenever I see "kids" use a new abbreviation on social media I always try to figure it out on my own before Googling it. I think I've been correct 1% of the time.

  10. Finding a gift card you forgot about is the best!


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