Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekends for the WIN!

Caleb and I had NO weddings on the books for this past weekend so we both had lots of plans to spend it with friends, be productive and to spend some uninterrupted time together. I'm thankful to say we made all of the above happen!

Friday right after work I met two of my ladies at our local favorite Mexican restaurant for endless chips and queso! We had way too much fun using snap chat filters, reminiscing and talking about the future!
yeah we were definitely THOSE people who sat on the same side of the round booth most of the night... :)
Saturday, Caleb had a softball tournament that we didn't realize would last the MAJORITY of the afternoon. So around 11AM I started doing WORK on the upstairs. It was clutter central and I really couldn't stand it any longer. Our spare bedroom had basically turn into a life size junk drawer and even though the door was usually always closed, it gave me real anxiety just thinking about it. So I spent a few hours de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing (jamming out to my new playlist) and just kind of enjoying some solo time!

I got WAY too excited when I realized how many candles I had stowed away in our hall closet storage container...and I still told Caleb, a girl can never have too many! ;)

When Caleb returned home, he was really worn out, so he took a quick nap and then we both got cleaned up and headed out for a fun date night. No phones, no interruptions, and it was marvelous. We talked about random, hilarious stories from school, how we fell in love, etc.! I'm so thankful for a husband who pursues me everyday! We had such a great time.

Sunday. was. amazing. Our church started offering two identical services so we chose to go to the early one and we're pumped because this means we'll now get BACK an extra hour and a half in our Sundays, which is huge for us! After that we prepared for the Bengals game! We have been waiting for this day for what feels like FOREVER and were so excited it was finally here!

Our guys pulled out a WIN! It was close, especially after a rough first half, and the game was a nail biter, but I'm so happy to start the season off 1-0! Feels great! #whodey

I really hope everyone had a great weekend, too! I'm excited for this week. Caleb and I are starting to workout together again and that just keeps me motivated, he's a great personal trainer!


  1. Yay for a Bengals win! I got into a mini cleaning frenzy as well. My bedroom is still full of random boxes because I have nowhere to put some of that stuff. Luckily it'll be going into storage in a couple of weeks, but until then it's just there. I couldn't take it anymore so I started piling the boxes so they were in their own little neat spot instead of in random parts around my room.

  2. Bahah! So many candles. Sometimes spending some good time organizing feels so good. Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. I am loving your candle stash! Sounds like it was a great weekend - especially start it off right with girls and Mexican!

  4. Love that you guys unplugged for your date night... you def get much more out of it that way!

  5. Awesome weekend! You can't beat Mexican food with girlfriends! I wish I had a forgotten candle stash like that! Nothing would make me happier than opening my closet and seeing that!

  6. Candlessss!! You are so right - you just cannot have enough! And good for you for picking an early church service... we always try for the 9AM, but still end up at the 11AM, ha!

  7. Look at all of those candles, you candle hoarder!! haha I'm kind of jealous of them all though lol
    So glad you had a work-free weekend so you could hang out and have fun! :)

  8. If only filters were real life... sigh! ;) So happy we finally had a girls night out, we won't let the next one take so long to plan!! WHODEY!


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