Friday, August 26, 2016

What a great week.

It's been a really great week overall!  We've spent a lot of time together at home, trying a couple of new TV shows. Although we don't love to just veg out in front of the tube, sometimes its just necessary for the soul. We've recently been watching "The Flash" and ugh, its just so good. If you like superheroes, but also a bit of romance/drama, this is a show you'd probably love! Caleb and I both keep saying how good every single episode is!

I'm also not a big coffee person (it basically has to taste like absolute sugar, and I don't drink it for caffeine reasons most of the time), BUT we started ordering Coffee Mate French Vanilla again at the office and its rocking my world. My coffee tastes a whole lot less like yucky coffee and a whole lot more like a delicious treat, and I like it that way. Still trying to limit my intake to 2 or 3 cups a week at work!

On Wednesday night, we went to watch some of our youth group teens at a cross country match and holy. crap. They are FAST. Like, 17 minute 5K's fast. Justin (in the pic below) realized about 3 minutes in his shoe was untied, and still managed to crush it. I was blown away. Definitely gave me a little pep in my step to continue going to the gym like we have been. Although, I'll never be that fast, haha!

I hope everyone had a good week spent with family/friends! Here's to a weekend with limited plans and NO work! Woo woo!


  1. Haha! Great picture of the running with the untied shoe! I haven't watched The Flash, but I've heard good things about it. I might have to add it to my queue.

  2. I've seen a handful of episodes of The Flash & I agree that's good!

  3. i haven't seen the flash, but we did watch arrow and i think the flash guy was on that for a bit and it was funny. i used to love arrow, i should catch up and then watch the flash.
    if my shoe was untied, it would fly off lol. i would notice immediately because i'm really weird about my running shoes and laces. they have to be exactly the same. anyway! haha. have a good weekend!

  4. I really wish I had gotten into running earlier in life and done cross country in high school. It seems like it would be a lot of fun! Although I'm nowhere near those guys. Wow that is FAST!

  5. I'm the same...I drink coffee when I want a warm, sugary drink!! If there's no creamer, there's no point of drinking it in my opinion!

  6. No work?!? Hope you spent this week doing what you love the most.


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