Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On turning 25 today!

Today I turn 25!

It's kind of funny to look back at my "25 before 25" list that I made so long ago, because I've realized a few things:
one: I didn't do a LOT of the things on that list - whoops.
two: a LOT of my goals have changed.
& three: that's alright with me. 

I have a much different perspective on life than I did a few years ago. Things that I once thought were so important really don't matter to me anymore. I'm much less concerned with how much money we make, and a lot more fixed on how we can spend more time with people we love. I'm also a lot less concerned with what people think of me, and doing more of what makes me happy.

I used to want to celebrate by hitting the town with everyone I know, and now? We're keeping it much more low key. I love it! Caleb made plans for us tonight to visit a local pizzeria, go see a movie we've been dying to see, and stop by our favorite Mexican place for late night chips and queso...and you know what? It sounds amazing. Literally the perfect way to spend the evening together.

With every new year that passes, I'm realizing that life is about the people you spend your time with, not the random gifts you get. Although gifts are so much fun to receive and open, I always remember WHO I spent my birthday with, vs what it is we did that day or what I was given, etc.!

I really do love to make a big deal out of birthdays (usually other peoples), and while I do feel like 25 is kind of a "big" one for me, I'm just excited that I get another year with my husband, my family, and my friends!

I hope everyone has a great day!! Make it awesome!!

PS: my blog also turned FOUR this week. WHAT?! I can't believe it. I've made so many amazing friendships through the internet and its just the coolest thing! I love being able to look back on these first few years of our marriage and relive the moments all over again. Sometimes all the documenting and hours spent blogging can be tiresome, but its always worth it!


  1. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 25 club!! :) I hope you have an amazing day and are spoiled ridiculously. :)

  2. Woo hoo it's your birthday!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day, you deserve it, lady!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, sweet friend! I hope it's the best one yet...and with those plans, it sounds like it might be! What movie are you seeing? It's so strange - I've never really been a birthday person. It might be because my big day is in December and there are fewer cool things to do, but I never really had any birthday parties. My favorite part of my birthday is always all the messages (Facebook, text, calls) from so many amazing people. :)

  4. Happpppy BIRTHDAY gorgeous! :) We will celebrate soon because birthdays are always a big deal and always a reason to celebrate. Love you, cheers to 25!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love your comment on how your goals have changed :)

  6. Happy 25th birthday to you and happy 4th birthday to your blog! Hope you have a perfect day!

  7. Happy quarter century birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to the greatest person I know. You are a true gift from God and you work very hard on doing it His way and not yours. Kayla, my sweetest granddaughter is one of the best things in my life. I thank God for who you have become. I love you more everyday. And you are very SPECIAL to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy your day.

  9. What a great picture of you! Happy happy birthday!

  10. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!! The 25th year is such a special one!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. Happy belated birthday!! Hope you have an amazing week! :)

  12. your one, two and three are basically how i feel about my 30 before 30. eh. life and people change and that's okay.
    i love gifts, mainly because i love seeing the people i love know and love me, if that makes sense. i don't like gifts from people i don't know well haha. but yes life is definitely about spending time with people. my bestie is turning 30 in a week or two and she's planning this huge night out and my 30th is next february and i'm like planning a restaurant i love and dessert afterwards. MAYBE TWO desserts because WHY NOT.
    happy birthday girly :) hope 25 is the best one yet.

  13. Happy Birthday sweet lady! It's been a joy to get to know you via blogging. Here is to a year filled with love, laughter and a Bengals play-off win :)

  14. You are so right—I had similar realizations when I turned 25, and this has honestly been the best year EVER due to an improved mindset.

    Happy 4-year anniversary to your blog!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’


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