Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June goals!

It may be June 8th, but its never too late to set some goals in any given month, right? Here we go!

-Be up to date with our wedding edits. Typically I return photos before the 6 week post-wedding mark, but lately I've hardly been maintaining an 8 week return. I do know its because Caleb and I work a day job each, and we want to maintain a life, but lately we've barely been keeping our heads above water. Caleb and I came up with a new system and I think we're going to be turning weddings around a lot faster now, yay!

-Lose 5 lbs. We picked running back up again. Yay!

-Get in touch with some old friends. I want to send a few personal letters, call a few friends, and surprise some of my closest friends this month! Random kindness is my favorite!

-Finish this amazing book. Guys, its changing my life. When a book has you in tears in your car on your lunch break, you know its good. God is truly speaking to me!

-Continue to meal prep. I've been doing weekly quick trips to Kroger and its really helping me stay on track with eating healthy. I know myself too well to know I'M NOT going to get up earlier to prep my lunch, I have to do it the night before. So this week I bought all the meat and produce we'd need for the week; Caleb grilled the meat, I cut the fruit/veggies. Now we're both set!

-Get outside more. I'm excited that from two short evenings in the sun so far, I kind of have a small base tan going - and I'm determined to get more action in the sun this year! Whether that means we go for a quick run after work, take a long walk after dinner, or just play frisbee golf at a nearby course, I want to enjoy as much of this summer as possible. Less time behind my computer screen, more time in front of mother nature!

-Drink at least 100oz of water a day. I bought a 32oz Bubba for work/home and I am OBSESSED. It makes drinking more fun side the hot pink/green combo is so darn cute.

Here's to hoping June is one amazing month!

So, what are some of your goals for this warm month?!


  1. My main goal is to get up to my cabin as much as possible!

  2. Good luck with all of your goals! I added that book to my summer reading list! Of course I have 3.5 to get through before I can justify buying another one lol.

  3. Making lunches is so hard! Good luck on the water a day, it's doable but be prepared to drain the main vein often!

  4. Great goals girlfriend!! I am the SAME way about lunches, if I don't pack them the night before I forget until I'm about to walk out the door the next morning. Going to bed knowing our lunches are packed for the next day is one of the best feelings lol #adulting

  5. Yessss to all the water and getting outside more, my absolute favorite time of year <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. good luck for june! i am the same way with meal prep, especially lunches. i am trying to be outside more as well, i love summer and i love the heat, but i find that because KC doesn't, i spend more time inside than i do in the winter! so i am going to try and just hang out outside more often this summer. we'll see!

  7. Good luck on your goals! I hope to spend more time outside too. I love reading outside, it's so peaceful :)

    Edye | Http://

  8. Good luck on all of these goals! I definitely want to get outside more and start enjoying the warm weather too. Work has been keeping me indoors a lot lately but I'm determined to start getting out more. ;)

  9. I meal prep each morning. It works for me because I am a SAHM but it has allowed me to try new feeds, change up our meals and I'm loving the results of a happy belly.


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