Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Busy recap, but amazing weekend.

Friday evening was a blast. I watched my baby brother march across that field arm in arm with my parents, and grandparents, and it was so awesome. Sadly, I was too close to the field to hear the speech they read that he wrote, but I'm hoping to get my hands on a copy soon. It may sound silly to  say about drum line, but this boy makes me so proud. He's the senior Captain and has worked his tail off to get here. I'm grateful for the community of friends he has! Watching him lead their final performance left me in tears (they played "Thanks for the Memories" by Fall Out Boy), and when I finally got to squeeze him...he held on extra long. I love this kid!
thanks to the sneakiest, best husband ever for this new favorite photo!

We had a blast as a family cheering him, and the whole band, on! As well as the football team! Some of these high school kids are really impressive!

We left at halftime, and had time to finally carve some pumpkins when we got home. Guys, we've never done this together and if I do say so myself, we ROCKED it! Caleb straight up free-handed a crazy awesome Iron Man, and I used a stencil to carve Wreck it Ralph.
Saturday I woke up and headed out to finally get my hair done. My girl Becca always makes me feel beautiful!

We kept ourselves busy by stopping by sweet little Charlotte's 1st birthday party! We got there really early and snagged some family photos for them. I mean, are they not the most GORGEOUS family you've ever seen!?

We even snagged our usual, ridiculous, traditional "mantle photo" :)

That evening, we enjoyed dinner with our best friends, and then passed out candy! While Erin and I didn't technically "dress up", the guys did...and we all had a fun evening passing out candy!

Sunday, of course, was spent screaming (with actual tears) at the TV during one of the ugliest games we've ever witnessed. BUT we won!! It may have been an ugly win (not as ugly as those bumble bee jerseys - gag me), but hey, I'll take it! 7-0 feels AWESOME!

We enjoyed the rest of the evening with the teens of the youth group. October was a crazy month that we didn't make time for church/the teens and boy, did we miss them! We're so excited to be back! ALSO - does anyone else watch The Walking Dead?! I seriously was so bored through the entire episode Sunday night. #comeon

I have SO many edits to mull through over the next few nights -along with a couple photo shoots, then my month slows down like crazy! Thank goodness, I need it! :) hope you all had a fun, safe, Halloween weekend!!


  1. Wow - you weren't kidding about a busy weekend! But it's so filled with laughter and fun and joy and it's amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us :). Also, y'all's pumpkins are seriously amazing and the guys ROCKED their costumes! Too funny!

  2. Your hair looks fabulous and the first picture is toooo amazing, lady! I love supporting my lil sisters, it's just the best feeling right? Cheers to a Bengals win!!!!!!!!

  3. I love that your husband got that awesome shot of you and your brother! So sweet! :)
    Your hair looks AMAZING!

  4. your looks super cute, and i love that photo of you and your brother. so sweet!
    yayyy 7-0 that is awesome!

  5. I am going to miss my brother so much when I leave for my airstream adventures. I know you and yours are super close too. This post made me tear up a little bit!! I'm proud of him too 😂

  6. Yay, Brandon! So funny for me to think about when I first met you guys and he was just a little junior high kid! Now he's all grown up and awesome ;) Glad you guys got some awesome pictures to capture the night! Thanks for passing out candy with meeeeee!

  7. Your bond with your brother is so very sweet. It sounds like drumline might be something he continues to pursue moving forward? Your hair looks gorgeous and so is that precious family! As always, WHO-DEY?! Can you even believe this start to the season?! In typical Bengals fan fashion, I'm super nervous about the Browns game on Thursday. I mean, if we're going to lose one, it'll probably be to Cleveland, you know? Haha...also, I LOVED Walking Dead! I know it was a huge departure from the action we've been seeing, but I thought it was beautifully written and acted! It was like an hour and a half-long indie film and I thought the two actors killed it. It helps that I love Morgan, I guess...

  8. Your guys' pumpkins are awesome! Sounds like the perfect Halloween Weekend!

  9. I love that first picture of you and your brother--so sweet. I've got a couple younger brothers, but am closest with my youngest brother Ryan, he's just over 9 years younger than I am & I definitely hope to continue to have a good relationship with him like you do with yours! Brothers are so awesome....well most of the time :)

  10. First, Congrats on the Bengals coming away with another win! That is awesome! At this point I just hope the Browns actually show up to play on Thursday! lol!
    LOVE, love, love your hair! Looks great!
    As old as I am it is hard to believe I know anyone with a sibling still in high school! lol!

  11. Yay on the bengals and your hair looks great! I really need a trim and I don't know if I'll have time before our picture session so its like do I do it, or not do it, haha!

  12. What a fun weekend! Your new hair looks SO cute, and you should be so proud of your brother! That is quite an accomplishment!

  13. aww that pic of you and your brother is adorable! definitely frame worthy! i loved the drumline in high school – we had one of the best ones on the westside, and 3rd quarter drumline battles were sometimes the highlight of the football games, since our football team wasn't the best! hah. and girl, i'm loving the new hair!


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