Friday, September 11, 2015

On writing in a real journal.

I've been a little absent on my space here, but its been somewhat intentional. As I've mentioned before, Caleb and I are in a crazy state of life (busiest wedding season yet, moving to a new home, etc.)...days at work feel long, then I come home after a few meetings with brides/couples, and we have a ton of packing to do, so honestly? The last thing I want to do that late is figure out what I'm going to blog about the next day.

I just want less pressure on myself. I find myself turning more and more to my gorgeous little yellow journal (and a few others because I'm a crazy list maker). There's something about holding a real pen in my hand and writing down my truest feelings. Stuff I'd never imagine putting on here. Not because this blog is "fake", but because some of it is insanely personal to my life, and it belongs to me. So I won't sit here and apologize to you for possibly being absent in the future, because I think sometimes its good for the soul! So, if you feel like sticking with me through this chaotic part of my life, awesome. If not? That's fine too! We'll see what happens!

Now that that's out of the way, I had a pretty crazy week. Somehow this 4 day week felt like a 6 day week. Crazy how that works, huh!? Fall ball is back, so last night I watched Caleb tear it up. Call me a sap, but watching him do something he loves (even like old man softball) makes me happy.

We also went through our entire guest bedroom closet and got rid of SO much stuff (it was nearly packed to the ceiling with storage bins). I can't begin to tell you how amazing throwing stuff away is. We had a rule that if its sat for 2+ years and we a) forgot about it, or b) haven't used it .... it goes to Goodwill! Our entire living room is covered in brown boxes, but I'm loving it. It's making us really organized and I'm hoping this means our new place will be clutter-free!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead!!! Happy Friday!


  1. Even though I thought we had purged before moving to Texas in February, it's crazy how much I've thrown out while we've organized the closet in the baby's room. So. Much. Junk. Ah! Isn't it a great feeling to throw out what you don't use?

    And I'm totally with you when it comes to writing things down. I don't journal even though I've tried and failed to keep one since I was about 8, but I do love using a pen and paper for lists. There's just something about it- plus it's way more satisfying to physically check off something you accomplished than to make a check on your phone or whatever. ;)

  2. Isn't it strange how much we can accumulate? I am in a purging mood lately. Leah will come up to me holding an item and ask me not to sell it in a garage sale. :)

  3. It's so good for the soul (and important) to just be sometimes. Love that you're able to escape into your journal! Happy Friday :)

  4. Writing is food for the soul and whether its here or in an actual journal, as long as you're doing it, you are good!

  5. This morning Freddie goes, "Hey! If it's still rainy tonight wanna clean out all the drawers?!" ...but really, cleaning out and getting rid of crap is the best! Best, best, best.

    Go you for filling up your soul. DOn't stop!

  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a blog break! I do it quite often and find myself feeling bad because I'm not reading/commenting, either. You're right, though - it's good for the soul! I'll be sticking around to read, of course. :) Wheat and I desperately need to declutter our tiny apartment, especially with some wedding gifts on the way. Have a great weekend, friend!

  7. Love this idea! I need to start using my journal more :)

    And Go Caleb! Love watching the guys play softball! Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. I will absolutely stick with you through this chaotic part of life! I will look forward to your posts but totally understand if they are less frequent.

    I think I need to adopt your rule...I have stuff at my parents' that I haven't seen since I moved out over a year ago so it's probably time I go through it to determine what can be donated and what needs to be tossed.


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