Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our productive weekend.

Last week honestly flew by, and sadly, so did the weekend. How does that always seem to happen? We had a wedding to photograph on Saturday but we still managed to sneak in some fun with friends and get a lot done, too!

Friday evening we hit the gym after work (back to our old ways!), then headed home for dinner and literally an entire night full of editing on our computers. Between the both of us, I think we edited near 1,000 photos. Our little fingers nearly fell off ;) I was getting sleepy but my girl Lyndsie called to meet up. She was in town for a wedding she was a bridesmaid in and we got late night appetizers at Applebees and talked for nearly 3 hours (until 2am). I miss those days, so I was grateful for it! We also swapped birthday gifts (hers was only a couple weeks ago) and she got me an adorable mug and the cutest earrings.
Bonus points if you noticed Caleb throwin' up a deuce back there ;)
We woke up early the next morning, ran a few errands and headed out to shoot our 15th wedding of the year! We're OFFICIALLY over halfway there, guys! 14 more to go ;) we spent a decent amount of time riding around in a golf cart scouting the vineyard looking for some nice shade, and snagged a few selfies along the way! Caleb went way too fast, but I kinda loved it!

As always, here are a few snapshots from their big day on Saturday!

We had such a long day that I fell asleep on the way home! Caleb even stopped the car, went into the gas station to surprise me with a moon pie (love that man) and got back in, and I didn't wake up once.

Sunday we had a nice afternoon spent at the pool, then a couple hours with the youth group jumping on trampoline and we had our first acoustic night of worship. It was awesome. These kids are so talented.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend packed into those two little days! I know we did!


  1. Oh, that wedding gown! It's one of my favorites we have at work. Allure does such beautiful things with lace!

    Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  2. Now to petition weekends to be just one day longer... think of how much fun we could all cram into that one extra day!!

    Acoustic worship sounds w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.

  3. My goodness. I think you need two solid days for sleep, friend. As always, awesome wedding pictures. I really love the one of the girls on the golf cart! SO CUTE! I'm glad you had a fun and productive weekend! Here's to another one in three days...

  4. You guys are always so busy! I'm so impressed. Seriously. I was just proud of myself for throwing chicken in the crockpot on Sunday afternoon.

  5. Love those wedding pics, as always!

  6. Do you do family photos? Like maybe for a family of 3 in Dayton? Asking for a friend, of course.

  7. Aww look how inviting that clubhouse and pool look. I can't believe that in like a month everything pool wise shuts down

  8. LOVE that mug Lyndsie got you- hehe, soooo cute! And that golf cart picture of the bride/maids is too fun- I hope she frames that one!! ;)

  9. that mug is adorable, but would you believe I don't like coffee? Like at all?! Crazy!

    Also, those pictures are AMAZING!!!!! The details of her dress! SWOOOOON!


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