Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello, Goodbye!

Listen here March, this has been the coldest, ickiest, longest Winter I've ever experienced. I'd really appreciate if you'd do your job and bring Spring to life, already! I want fresh flowers on my table that I just picked outside, I want to hear the birds chirping again, I want cute little ducks on the pond, and I most definitely want to hang up my winter coat for good this month. So, help your girl out...& bring Spring!

Since its a new month, its time for Allison's link up; Hello, Goodbye!

Hello Spring cleaning, goodbye Winter clutter.

Hello Caleb's new hair cut, goodbye long sideburns.

Hello mint Oreo donuts, goodbye self control (I mean seriously, its like Dunkin Donuts knows my weaknesses...but I only had one)!

Hello pavement, goodbye treadmills (if this weather ever lets up)!

Hello 4 miles this morning, goodbye flab (I haven't run 4 miles without stopping in years...you could say I'm very proud of myself this morning)!

This included a little walking at the end I'm excited!!!
Hello season 7 of Dexter, goodbye life.

Hello Erin, I missed you ;) don't leave me for a week ever again.

Hoping you all have a fantastic Tuesday!!

PS- shout out to my baby brother. He called me last night, he got a little alarming news at the docs yesterday that has me a tad worried. He should be fine, but your happy thoughts are more than welcome. Love you, bro!


  1. I'll never leave you again!! ;) Okay, I might- but you can leave me for a week and we'll just call it even, k?! I so cannot wait for Spring cleaning, flowers, fresh air, running outside…. love it all! Bring it on, Ohio!!

  2. Hellllo IRL Kayla and Erin, Goodbye "blog friend" status!!!! :)

    You are rocking and rolling on those miles! Before you know it, you'll be at 8 then 10 then crossing that finish line!

    I'll be thinking of your brother!

  3. Mint oreo donuts???? Oh my, that sounds amazing!! I don't know if I'd be able to stop at just one!!

    Keeping you and your brother in my thoughts!!

  4. Ummmmm, you had me at oreo mint donuts! =)
    Thinking of your brother <3

  5. 4 Miles?! Awesome!!!! Mint oreo donuts? YES, PLEASE!

    I just prayed for your brother. xo

  6. we just had another snow storm here over the weekend. please lord make it stop!! I cannot handle the winter blues any longer!

    I think that I am going to join a new gym soon... I am feeling fat, lazy, and depressed lol I need to lift some weights!!

    You're brother is hot, I hope he is ok! ;)

  7. I'm ready for some Spring weather....bring it on!!!! I've also been in a cookie mood this week (see my last email)

    PS...is your brother ok?

  8. Wow, good job on running 4 miles! That's a huge accomplishment. Oh, and I LOVE your wedding dress. Praying for your bro. :)

  9. I'm old school and still "blog" over on LiveJournal but I've been following you here & on Instagram for a little while now. (I'm gar0190 on IG.) I'm 25 and getting married in 87 days! Reading about your wedding got me even more excited for mine! I didn't think that was possible! Just wanted to say hello and express how much I enjoy your blog! :)

  10. Oh those donuts sound dangerous! Haha. Hope everything is okay with your brother! Thanks for linking up sweet friend. :)

  11. i'm so impressed! yeah for four miles! I am so ready to be back in running shape. i ran 8 minutes straight this week which was 7 minutes more than I've done for a LONG time :) and dexter? i'm sad it's over!

  12. That mint Oreo donuts sound awesome! I didn't know they had flavors like that :) You're blog is so fun! I love it! I've been on a Sopranos marathon. I never watched the serious, and now I can't stop!



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