Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Laughing at yourself.

The other night before bed Caleb and I were chatting about our days, and I started laughing so hard thinking about something so random...and I literally couldn't stop. Like, I started snorting at myself for no reason. In turn, it made him laugh and we just cracked up for about 10 minutes straight together. Call us kookoo, but I think it was pretty awesome.

I think its a real gift when we can learn to laugh at ourselves.
The other day at work, I straight up tripped over my own foot and totally got caught by the owner of our company...and we both just laughed for a moment...I had no explanation, it just happened.

Then I started looking through old, embarrassing pictures.
Ohh the memories.
Like when I look at this lovely shot of Caleb and I from my 21st birthday party...we are so attractive.

Or like the time at our wedding when Caleb and I had a (loving) cake war and these pictures of me turned out heinous!? As horrible as I look, this moment makes me laugh so hard.
Like the time I spilled my pomegranate tea on my cream colored blouse right before a big meeting.

How about when I took a drink of my brand new water in said meeting & completely missed my mouth, leading water to drip down my neck...and leave drop marks on my shirt, and got called out by a top advisor? Yeah...

I think my point of this post is...we all have some crap in our lives, in one form or another...but if we don't learn to take life a little less serious, we won't have that much fun. & life without fun doesn't sound like much of a life to me. If you haven't laughed lately...I hope these silly pictures did the job...and remember to never get too embarrassed of yourself. Its just life, anyway :)

In other news, my training is going well. I'm running up to 3 miles without stopping (which is already killing me) but considering the half marathon isn't until May, I've got plenty of time to build up more endurance. Two nights in a row Caleb and I killed it at the gym, and my body is sore everywhere, so tonight I'm taking a much needed "rest day", and we are making pasta for dinner. Mmmm....carbs.

Happy Hump Day, folks!


  1. These silly pictures definitely did the job! Smiles on a Wednesday morning! :)

  2. I can't wait for all the silly pictures we'll be taking during our weekend!!!! :) That picture from your wedding with the cake is AWESOME! haha it cracks me up and I feel like Caleb is thinking "OHHH YEAHH GOTCHA!" :)

  3. Cake war on your wedding day! YES! I live for the good, funny times in life!

  4. I love the "its just life" line! So true! Sometimes we all can take life too seriously! What a great reminder! :)

  5. My husband has voices in his head and he'll randomly say something or laugh and I'm like what and he's like nothing then eventually he tells me. It actually sometimes is annoying but then it makes us both laugh.

    On a different note, going to the Now Jade last year isn't working good for us this year because we were spoiled there and now we want to do it again :) We just can't make our mind up!!!!

  6. Love these funny pictures! oh man seriousness gets OLD so fast! I have to laugh and love to laugh! It is an amazing stress reliever!

  7. Laughter is the cure for EVERYTHING :) So glad you and Caleb and our CC can always always have fun and laugh together. That's what life is all about!!

  8. laughing for no reason is the best! you two are adorable! glad I just stumbled across your blog!

  9. Thanks so much for following my blog! I'm glad I decided to check yours are so cute and funny! Newest follower :) I love that you don't take life too seriously and that you can see the silver lining...even in your more embarrassing moments. Also, for the record, I think your "heinous" wedding photo is absolutely adorable. You look pretty darn cute considering you're getting cake smashed into your face :)

  10. I love you and your outlook on life...I am such a klutz and constantly spilling and tripping...laughing the entire two were made for one another...and keep rocking the running and gym...I have been sucking lately!!

  11. Laughter is the key to life. Happiness and the ability to laugh and your mistakes and misfortunes. I love how uplifting you are, your posts never fail to make me smile.


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