Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Remember that rehearsal dinner?

Oh don't mind me...I'm only 5ish months late to the party. I somehow realized the other day I hadn't yet talked about our rehearsal dinner and I must say, it was a night to be remembered. Caleb and I were surrounded by our favorite people in the world, stuffing our faces with amazing food and watching everyone get to know each other.
Can we do it again!?

Our pastor had us recite just a few words from the standard vows so we'd know what to expect for the following day, and oh boy...I was a hot mess. Literally! I kept having to turn away from Caleb so I didn't get overwhelmed. I am such a lucky gal!

& yeah, we had to practice...ok? ;)

I got to the church with super curly hair... and by dinner? Gone. Limp. Hardly wavy at all. Gag.

Caleb & his groosmen had a 9AM tee time that morning, and when I saw him I couldn't help but laugh. I asked Jared to remind him to put that sunscreen on his face, because I knew he wouldn't do it himself. Waddya know? They both forgot ;) but then I got over it, because he was still hot, and he was still going to be my husband the very next day!

It was such a blast just hanging out with our favorite people!!

This little gal (Nora) has Caleb wrapped around her little finger. Cannot even imagine what will happen if WE have a little girl one day!

I meaaaan, seriously.
Great grandma Agnes!
My grandparents from Florida!
My Grandpa Phil! Look at his blue eyes!!
Most of you know the story with my mom, so you know it meant the world to me that she could make it to be a part of my week!

Dads side of the family!
My MOH! She introduced Caleb and I back in 7th grade!
This gal.... I LOVE YOU ERIN!

 Then we gave our bridal party their gifts! Little Finley loved his Avengers action heroes and coloring books!

& Maddie loved her pretty floral crown!

Thanks to my in-laws for the amazing dinner!
So us!

AMAZING siblings.

My goofy family.

Giving my ladies their gifts!
oh, hey Jared. ;)
To put it simply, the night before our wedding was just incredible.
I spent the night in my bedroom for the last time. Erin came back with me to help unload our cars, and we had a blast together for a little while just like we did the night before her wedding. I tried on my dress, and just danced around...and it was just magical. I have the best friends in the world, those girls up there did AMAZING things for me during our engagement and I am excited to repay them all for the rest of forever. Love their friendships.

This man is just the best. I remember the feeling waking up on my wedding day. I couldn't believe I got to marry my BEST FRIEND! This is the man who (before we started even dating) knew I had a bad day, left work, just to buy and bring me my favorite pint of Snickers ice cream. The man who listened to me cry when things didn't go right in life. The guy to make me laugh until my stomach hurt. The man who would make me the happiest wife ever.

I love you, Caleb!

Better late than never, right?


  1. Seriously. I LOVED the night before my wedding! The rehearsal dinner just hanging out with all our best friends- and even when I headed back to my parents house with all my bridesmaids and a few more friends. We just sat around and drank wine and laughed and did last minute preparations. Loved it so much.

    And what is it about men (especially if it's your husband) with little girls! My heart absolutely melts when I see Doug with my nieces.

  2. Aw! I loved reading this!! I loved my rehearsal as well. I felt like I could really celebrate maybe more so then on my wedding day because of all the craziness! Also... My hair does the SAME thing. It can only hold a curl for .5 seconds! You still looked beautiful!

  3. Limp curls can't even take away from you looking like the prettiest and happiest bride to be! So fun reliving all of these amazing times and emotions.

  4. Love this!! My rehearsal dinner was one of my favorite nights...all the people you love in one just can't beat that!! :)

  5. If you do this again, I'm soooo there! :) I loved reading this and got chills at the end! You're one blessed girl but you can tell you are SO appreciative!

    Also, my hair can not hold a curl for 10 minutes to its life. You're not alone!

  6. Looks like you all had an amazing time :) Hard to believe it's already been five months!

  7. love that last black and white photo of the two of you :) 5 months late is better than never, plus there's been enough time that the night isn't fresh in your mind and you could experience a bit of nostalgia writing this post!

  8. Looks like such a fun rehearsal!

  9. Better late than never is right!!
    I love your rehearsal dress, and even though your hair went limp, it still looked great!

  10. You look so pretty in all these pictures! What a perfect night! Also, grown men with little girls is my kryptonite.

  11. I kept thinking…look at those beautiful, tan legs!!! Oh summer!

    The night before the wedding really is so fun. I loved seeing these pictures (I remember how beautiful your curly hair was for your rehearsal dinner!)

  12. i love the rehearsal dress you wore!! you look so pretty!! i love rehearsal dinners, this looks like a blast.

  13. Aw When did you know caleb was the one!?! Or when did you start dating!? You've known eachother since 7th grade? CRAY-ZEE. Thats so cute how things ended out! and I LOVE the relationship you have with erin and jared. Coolest family I know. !!

  14. So much happiness it just makes my heart smile. I love this all and I love you. I feel like weddings should be redone every year...minus the whole money part. lol

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