Monday, October 14, 2013

Plan filled weekend.

Whew! I survived my busy weekend.

Friday night Caleb and I hit the gym for a workout. Who am I turning into!?! I loved it, seriously.

Then, I went home, showered up and later that evening  I had the chance to meet up with a blog reader, Renee for sushi downtown and it was just an absolute blast. I mean, from the second I saw her and Reese (her sweet boyfriend!) through the windows, I could already tell we were going to be great friends! We hugged and were laughing from the start. Renee is just the sweetest, and I'm excited to be able to call her a friend! Poor Reese, we chatted the whole time about photography, the city, and all the things we had in common. We hit it off so well we decided to get together again in the winter, and I couldn't be more excited.

Proof that this all actually happened. YAY!

Saturday morning my sister-in-law and I headed off to the outlet malls and started on some early Christmas shopping. You people may think we're crazy, but its so nice getting even just a FEW gifts out of the way early instead of dropping all of the money at once when the 25th of December is right around the corner.

straight up jacked from her blog. Thaaaanks Erin ;) go say hi!
We also ran into miss Jax! She is so sweet, and I am getting even more excited for our blogger meetup on Wed!!

You know we also had to stop by the new Disney store.
Slightly obsessed.....

We headed back home, rockin' out to JT, obviously.
Later that evening Caleb and I got to spend time with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. We grabbed dinner,  made a pit-stop at Jungle Jim's because Tyler had never been... and then headed back to our apartment to watch a stupid movie and laugh hard at each other as we played a board game.

Sunday was very busy. Caleb and I taught the kids at church, headed to Erin & Jared's for a Bengals game that went into OT, wihch basically almost made me cry and throw up at the same time...but we WON. Yes, 4-2 babbyyyy. Caleb and I then headed back to church to hang with our youth group.

It was an awesome weeknd, and I can't wait for next weekend already :)
Happy Monday, friends.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend filled with friends and family!!! :) I've never been to Jungle Jim's either sooo when I visit let's go?!!

  2. friday nigth workout?! wow that is dedication- awesome girl!

  3. I am all about early shopping! I normally start in Sept. but my job loss has me on hold this year. it's a necessity for me though: 3 in in my immediate family have birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yikes!

  4. HECK YEAH GYM IT UP! Also, I love your purse, dahhhhling :)

  5. So awesome about meeting a blogger (and more meetups in the future!!!) You'll have to tell me all about it. Such a great idea getting a head start on Christmas shopping. I need to start doing that.

  6. What a busy weekend, but it sounds like tons of fun! I really need to get started on my Christmas shopping, I'm one of those that usually waits until the last minute to get all of my Christmas gifts!

  7. yay for wednesdayyyy :) i am SO excited. you girls are so smart to start christmas shopping now. i'm totally one of those people who waits until december!

  8. YAY for fun weekends. They make me happy and help me survive the week ahead. hehe I'm jealous of your meet-up but excited for you and all the bloggers that get to meet your sweet face. I'm about to email you so beware. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you.

  9. I think your haircut gets cuter and cuter every day...!

  10. had NO idea you were erin's sister in law! i love her blog! so glad you commented and i found yours now! i had a blogger meet up on friday too - and it was a good one! don't ya love that?! :)

  11. I am totally doing Christmas shopping at the Jeffersonville outlets next weekend :)


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