Friday, October 18, 2013


Dear Friday night, I love you, but you need to make this work day go a liiiiittle faster. I have a hot date to enjoy with my studly man!

Dear said studly man, thanks for leading us, and helping us to have a more Christ-centered marriage. You never cease to amaze me.

Dear baby seal... you make my life. Can I have you?!

Dear camera, prepare to be USED this weekend. Hailey's wedding is Saturday and I am so excited to capture her beauty!

Dear quote, you're amazing. Trust is sometimes a hard thing to have when it comes to our futures...but I'm trusting everything will go according to His plan.

Dear Ashley, you just make me happy. Thanks for being a great friend. I don't care if we've met or not, you are a great friend and truly inspire me! Time for us to meet already.

Same to you miss Becky, all these talks about your potential road trip here to enjoy unlimited Mexican food and candy from Jungle Jim's is making me THRILLED. Lets do this!

Dear Anthropologie, how are you so cute? I mean honestly. It hurts my heart that I can hardly afford a NECKLACE from you... let alone these adorable giraffe ring holders!

Dear Lyndsie, thanks for getting dinner with me last night. Give me my best friend and a bowl of soup? I'm occupied for hours. Love you, girl!

Dear readers, hope you all have a fun filled weekend ahead of you! Enjoy!!



  1. The roadtrip is going to happen and it will the BEST weekend! Have a great time on your date tonight :) And happy photo shooting tomorrow!! Oh and anthropolgie...I have two shirts from there, both I somehow found on clearance for $15. That place has too many irrestible yet expensive things eek!

  2. Enjoy your hot date tonight!! =D I loooove giraffes, and Anthropologie. I swear, they always have something that you don't need but HAVE to have!

  3. Oooh Anthro, when will I make 100K so I can shop there all the time?!

  4. aww have a great date night, good luck on another lovely wedding and yes anthropologie,sigh, I've only owned two things from there and they were on sale AND my mom bought them lol

  5. baby seals are the cutest things of life. i want one. and i want anthropologie to be cheaper.

  6. That baby seal just melted my heart. Have a great date night and weekend! :)

  7. OK DITTO to anthropology! Seriously. How cute is that!? I can't go in that store because it makes me sad! haha xo

  8. Holy cow, those giraffe ring holders are awesome! I love Anthropologie!

  9. i love that quote AND anthropologie is my dream land! i'd like to just move in to that store :) xoxo


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