Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Goaltember... September ... tomaaaato, tomaaaatooooeeee.
It is also finally the official month of favorite season, EVER.

It seems as of late I hate quite the to-do list.
So what do I want to accomplish this month?

Run 4 times a week.
 As of this week, my crazy long haul to a half marathon is official. I'm starting out, really slow. BUT...I can do it. I found a couple unused (adorable) journals from Target that I plan to fill with my thoughts (and stats) after each run...along with some motivational quotes. So far, this ones my fav.

To call old friends more often.
I so often see myself saying "They never call me...", but in I making as much of an effort as I should? Possibly...but I want my relationships to be as intentional as possible.

Catch up on my Bible reading.
January 1st started my "Bible in a year" plan...and since the wedding I've been so-so about it...time to dive back in.

Appreciate my job more.
Sure, I'm super blessed by my job. Do I love it every single day? Nah, but am I thankful for it? Of course. Although at 7AM every day I can't say that is what I say. I want to start thanking God for giving me my job, my salary, my co-workers, rather than complain when one little thing goes wrong.

Share a last name with my husband.
I know, I know. We've been married for like 3 months, how ridiculous. Its just the stupid Social Securty office in my town is only open from like noon to 3 and this girl has a full time job. SO, I'm going to have to work around this.

Hiiii hottie husband. Taken last night at our FREE Reds game!
Get my hair done.
I know, super materialistic...blah blah blah. This girl hasn't had her hair highlighted in FOUR MONTHS (its expensive!). BUT -- aint nobody got time for dishwater looking hair. I gotta make an appointment, stat!

Be a healthier me.
Sure, running will help. But I need to try and stop snacking so much. I know what I NEED to eat...just need to do it. Frozen grapes are my FAV...and MUCH healthier than those Wavy Lays I love so much. Also, this means getting more sleep...and waking up before the last minute I have to leave for work. I just want to wake up, take my time, and feel good about the day ahead of me.

I'm excited to look back at these by the end of the month and check all of these puppies off the list.
So, what do YOU want to accomplish this month?


  1. love these goals Kayla!! I am definitely going to try to be healthier and happier!

  2. I got my name changed on Friday since my work let us take a 1/2 day for the holiday weekend. YOU had the day off, you should have gone and MET ME THERE! hahah! P.S. Bring something to read, that office is crowded and full of crazy people! :) Luckily I was in and out of there in 30 minutes! I'm legally Mrs. Vollat now! Your turn!! :)

  3. Haha I changed my name with SS about a month after the wedding but I didn't make it to the DMV until last I was in this weird limbo for awhile because my name was officially Mrs. H but I had no ID to prove it! Of course now none of my credit cards/insurance card/everythingelsewithmynameonit match my driver's license...oops.

  4. These are great goals! I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the whole name changing process next year, but I'm excited for it!! I LOVE your Lion King quote! ;)

  5. These are great goals! I want to run 4 times a week too - let's get it!! I also need to appreciate my job more. I've been letting the little things get me down and I don't want to come home in a bad mood anymore!

  6. These are great goals! I need to do better with my Bible Reading, too.

  7. Only from noon to 3?? Who in the world can go during those times? And yes...I just barely got my hair highlighted after months of not getting it done. It made me feel so much better. I need to make some goals...I feel like I'm just trying to keep up this week..if that makes any sense.

  8. It took me 2 and 1/2 years to get my last name changed. No judgment here.

  9. Yayy for running!! You can do it!!

  10. Great goals. I know I need to get my hair done sooooo bad but I just can't make myself spend $100+. Before I moved I was only paying around 60. It's rediculous. Good luck at accomplishing everything this month!

  11. I hated the whole name changing process, but it feels so good when it's actually "official." Good luck with that girlfriend!

  12. Great goals! I love how there is a mix of fun and serious ones. If we don't make time for the fun ones, they'll never be a priority, right?

  13. Getting your hair done is a real goal! It make me feel so much better (and more professional) when it's done. And go you for running and being healthier! I just ate some grapes! Love them!

  14. oh my god. you are about to come to my wedding looking a mess aren't you!! lol

  15. What awful hours for the SS office!

  16. Might be stealing a few of these, I need to fix up this post baby bod...


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