Friday, September 6, 2013

Deeeearrr...lots of things.

Sweeeeeetttt sweet Friday. How does a 4 day work week feel something like a 7 day work week? Not sure, but lets not let that happen again.

Dear hair, I desperately want to cut you. It is in my goals to get you cut AND high lighted this month... and oh it will happen. You've like never been this long, and its sad really...I don't even take care of you anymore. I spoke about taking risks yesterday, and I'm definitely chopping you off as soon as I can. I'm sick of this long, dishwater looking, nasty, broken sandiness you've got going on. Time to be off my neck, and blonde again... like you used to be (see below!)

Dear football, thanks for finally gracing the world with your amazing presence yesterday.

Dear apartment... can you clean yourself?

Dear tea, you are amazing. I have always been a sweet tea lover, but will admit I didn't really drink hot tea until recently. Our wedding photographers had some when we recently met up and changed.

Dear photographers.... you guys are amazing...BTW!

Dear Lyndsie... you have a huge interview today and I'm super excited for you. You are one of the smartest gals I know, and you're going to do great things with this life ahead of you!!

Dear Katy Perry, umm your new video rocks my socks. As if I expected anything less. You are seriously amazing...and I will meet you one day (with my soulmate). The end!

Dear Erin... speaking of soulmates ;) you are SUCH a beautiful person, inside and out. So happy to have you as a sister for the rest of my days!

(Hiiii backseat)..... this was from my bachelorette party. Ohhh boy.
Dear fun co-workers, you few make my day so much brighter at the office. 

Dear sweet little Nora, Caleb and I are babysitting you tonight at our place. I'm excited, because all you ever want to do when you are over is watch Tangled and eat fruit...and I'm 100% okay with doing just that.

Dear wedding, can you just happen all over again? I'm certain you were the fastest day of my life. I want to put you on repeat...every day.

Dear Caleb, don't wanna get too mushy, but you're kind of my best friend. Thanks for cooking for me, and thanks for also caving when I want pizza. You're the man.

Have a fun fun fun weekend, friends!


  1. I cut my hair like 4 inches about a month ago and now it's just above my shoulder too and I LOVE it! It's so much easier to take care of and less heavy and knotty too! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your hair is going to look so cute - do the chop!! :) That wedding picture is seriously the best! Have fun with Nora tonight - that sounds like my kind of friday night!

  3. I would write the same letter to my wedding every single day!! Hahaha.
    I loooove your hair in that first pic!! =D
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I always thought people were just being mushy gushy when saying they wanted to relive their wedding days, but holy MOLY it really does go by too too fast!! I feel like that's all I ever talk about right now...

    Your hair is going to be rocking! So cute.

  5. You're so cute! Everytime I read your posts it makes me want to cut my bangs. Someday! :)

  6. Chop, chop chop chopppppp! ;) KP rocks, you rock AND I want to has as her in that outfit for Halloween, k?!

  7. haha loved that last little line. good men know how to cook ;)

  8. Your haircut in that top picture is ADORABLE! Do it, do it! :)

  9. It's funny how many new brides end up chopping their hair off.

  10. I think the hair cutting thing is also a "bride thing"! My hair is always long, but I grew it out even more for the wedding. Now that its over, I want to chop all of it off....and i want bangs. (Hopefully i will change my mind because I have a feeling this wouldn't even look good on me!) haha!

  11. I think your hair is so cute now! But I do LOVE it short in that first picture. Haven't seen the new Katy Perry video, so I'll have to go watch that!

  12. i can't believe i haven't been following you until now. i always click over from Erin's blog I guess! buttttt i love that pic of you with short hair. i'm so jealous of girls who can rock shorter hair flawlessly! happy friday :)

  13. But seriously, why don't apartments clean themselves?? I also wish they would decorate themselves. Mine is in such an awkward phase!! Also, LOVE your hair short!

  14. Michael and I talk at least once a week about wishing we could redo our wedding. The exact same way, just be back there in that moment. I LOVE your hair short. I keep going a little shorter and shorter each time. I don't know if it's a good look for me or not but it sure is nice not to have to spend so much time on it. LOVE YOU!

  15. Yay football! Oh and I love the short hair! I recently cut mine short too!

  16. Okay, that haircut is SO cute on you! I especially love your side bangs...they are perfect!
    I so wish that my house would clean itself. At first, I get all gung ho about cleaning it, and then I get so mad at myself for doing it, because let's face it, I could've done something way more fun. :)
    Is your niece named Nora?? My sister in law is due in November with a girl and her name is Nora too. I cannot wait! I love being an auntie.

    Katy Perry needs to be my lifetime bff/soulmate. I didn't love her until I watched her documentary, and then it was all over after that.


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