Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our bridal party ROCKED.

If you missed Monday or Tuesday's post, definitely start with those.

Today, I'm showing you guys our bridal party pictures!
Enter my GQ husband and his men...hehee

ow owww.

& this might be my favorite picture ever.

Hiii handsome.

& now its time for me and my ladies to make our debut! Enter...hottest bridesmaids on Earth.

Am I allowed to say I was absolutely obsessed with my bouquet? Cause I was.

and this is one of my favorite shots of the entire day. Man, I have some BEAUTIFUL friends!

My beautiful momma and I.
Gorgeous flower girl.

All of the pictures above this were taken before the ceremony...before Caleb and I had seen each other. So, after the ceremony, it was time for some quick (amazing) family shots...and then on to having some FUN with our bridal party...did I mention they are the best?

Caleb's side of the family. How beautiful? PS - I love being Erin's sister.
My sweet in-laws!

Sibling looove. How gorgeous is my new sister!?

My new brothers!

Grandparents! How cute are they!?

My dad and his fiance, and also my brother... he's a stud.
Love that kid!

Me with my awesome dad!
This is the man that counseled us before our wedding. He helped prepare our hearts for what marriage should truly be about, and we're happy to introduce him as our pastor, and friend (Hey Mike!!)!!
He even surprised me with his yellow tie! Yay!

& enter for the fiiiirst tiiiime, the ENTIRE bridal party (including ushers)!!!
yepp, we're awesome. Impromptu dance party... woops!

Are you guys getting sick of me bragging on my photographers yet?
Oh, you're not? K good. Cause they freakin' rocked. Once again... they both feel like friends we've had for a very long time and they made everyone feel SUPER comfortable. Everyone loved them. Their personality really shows through our pictures. Love these shots, SO so much.

My smokin hot bridesmaids!

My MOH in the making since 7th grade. & also the gal who introduced me to my future husband. Love you to the moon, Lynds!

& here are two of my favorite people on this planet Earth. You two were made for Caleb and I.

I'll end this post with probably the coolest wedding party picture, EVER.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... our bridal party ROCKED. Seriously, they are the most FUN bunch of friends we could have ever asked for. They've have played such a special part in our lives and our relationship and for that we are SO thankful :)

Taking time to write these posts isn't easy...but I'm so glad I'm doing it. It's been SO fun to read all of your sweet comments, and its made this experience even more joyful! I seriously LOVE you all!!

Come back tomorrow for shots of Caleb I only... its quite magical, if I do say so myself.


  1. All your pictures are awesome!!! That last one especially! What great friends you two have :)

  2. Sorry I'm not sorry that I have to comment on these posts every single day. I mean, your timing is perfect and gives me a chance to brainstorm cool shots for next weekend ;) love that last shot! And the gray suits, mmhm good choice.

  3. I love looking at all your pictures!!! It makes me want my wedding day to come sooner!!!

  4. Soooo I'm fairly certain pretty much all of these could be in a freakin bridal magazine!!! How gorgeous!!! =D

  5. Ohhh these colors you chose are just so gorgeous!! seriosuly- could be in a magazine!

  6. DYING!! I love every sing picture! Your photogs really were amazing! I cannot wait to see the rest!! Your little brother is such a cutie pie!! Also, I call dibs on your new sister ;) hehehe

  7. Ohhhh these are just BEAUTIFUL, Kayla! Love them all so much! Such an awesome wedding party!

  8. again beautiful, my suggestion you need to get the one of y'all at a distance kissing put on canvas.

  9. *swoon* sooo beautiful! what a gorgeous/handsome bridal party! my two favorites are the groomsmen in the field and then the shot of the whole party (with you two smoochin' in the middle) between the trees. love, love, love. those photographers of yours? they're awesome!

  10. I love all these, I can't choose my faves! I love that the minister wore a yellow tie!

  11. GORGEOUS! I love the grey and the unique bridesmaid dresses!

  12. Such a fun wedding. And the pics are absolutely stellar. So glad I got be part of this day!

  13. I love that your pastor wore a yellow tie! So cute that he surprised you...and that he wanted to make it really about you. Your photographers really were amazing...but I mean...y'all are great subjects. I really like that you got a picture with each of your bridesmaids. Ahhhh...please never let these wedding pictures stop, ok?!

  14. Aww- I didn't notice Mike rocked a yellow tie?! I love that! :) Love reliving this awesome day through your pictures girl!!

  15. Kayla, all of these pictures are so beautiful. I love love love the "look" of your bridal party. The dresses, flowers, oh my goodness. Perfection girl! You are gorgeous!!!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I love that your girls are wore different dresses

  17. these are such amazing pictures! what a fun bridal party!!

  18. You should probably just send these into Brides magazine. or Vogue. Ya know, aim big. OH! David's Bridal. They could totally just canvas them all over the place ;)

  19. I love your colors-we did gray and yellow and now I'm pretty much obsessed with the color combo!!! My girls also wore different dresses!

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  21. Alright I'm getting this photographer whenever I get married. These are stunning. And I absolutely adore that your bridesmaids have all different shades. It looks so vintagey and pretty. Gorgeous!

  22. It was a lovely bridal party and loved those wonderful shots. Party venue was equally beautiful. My sister tied the knot last year and had a destination wedding at wedding venues Chicago. It was such a wonderful event and we all had a fun time together.


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